Goan Reporter News: Shri Subhash Phaldesai, Minister for Social Welfare, inaugurated the two-day Regional Advocacy Workshop


Shri Subhash Phaldesai, Minister for Social Welfare, inaugurated the two-day Regional Advocacy Workshop organized by the Hemophilia Federation (India) at the International Centre Goa, Dona Paula. The event aims to create awareness about hemophilia and disabilities, promote equal rights for individuals with hemophilia and disabilities, and discuss strategies to improve healthcare facilities and treatments for those affected.

In his inaugural speech, Shri Phaldesai emphasized the significance of inclusivity and the need to celebrate the Purple Fest on a larger scale in the coming years, encompassing individuals with disabilities from all parts of the country. He highlighted the immense potential and intelligence of people with hemophilia and disabilities, urging society to identify and offer them advanced health facilities and treatments. The Minister also called upon all states to actively involve their ministers in the day-to-day activities of individuals with disabilities, ensuring their welfare and empowerment.

Shri Guruprasad Pawaskar, State Commissioner for the Disabled, announced that all schools in Goa would be made accessible for individuals with disabilities, underlining the importance of sensitization and awareness about hemophilia. He stressed the necessity of creating an inclusive society where individuals with hemophilia and disabilities can thrive.

Shri Premroop Alva, President of the Hemophilia Federation of India, shed light on the condition of hemophilia and the organization’s ongoing efforts.

During the event, Minister Phaldesai released the Souvenir of the Hemophilia Federation of India, and together with other dignitaries, paid tribute to the late Shri Ashok B. Verma, Founder of the Hemophilia Federation of India.

The Regional Council Chairman, Shri Balsiram Gadve, and Smt. Sarita Chavan, President of the Panaji chapter and delegates from Goa, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat were also present at the function.


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