Goan Reporter News: V. M. Salgaocar College of Law students visit Goa College of Art Campus


In a unique exchange, V. M. Salgaocar College of Law’s Beyond The Syllabus initiative recently organised a field trip to the Goa College of Art (GCA) in Altinho Panaji. Law students led by VMSCL faculty Ramrai Naik were welcomed by Principal GCA, Prof. Willy Goes, and Asst. Prof. Omkar Banaule. The visit offered a fascinating peek into the world of creativity and learning.

During the visit, law students had the chance to explore the GCA campus and admire the impressive artwork on display for the annual exhibition. They engaged in lively discussions with GCA students and faculty, sharing insights on various art forms. The GCA faculty showed keen interest in enhancing their understanding of copyright law. Ramrai Naik, the facilitator of the visit, committed to arranging a programme on the subject for GCA’s visit to the VMSCL campus in the future.

VMSCL principal Dr. Shaber Ali, commenting on the visit, expressed interest in the potential collaboration between the two institutions. This unique exchange highlights the importance of interdisciplinary learning promoted by the Beyond The Syllabus initiative at VMSCL. As law and art intersect, exciting opportunities for exploration and collaboration emerge.


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