November 13, 2016 …. The Governor of Goa Dr. (Smt.) Mridula Sinha has conveyed her love, greeting and best wishes to the children of Goa and elsewhere on the occasion of Children’s Day. In her message she said this day is marked specially to revive our memory of the relevance and importance of Children in our national life and our obligation to them.

The Governor has further said having been a teacher myself, and engaged in social work with particular focus on women and children’s welfare, I have had immense opportunities to interact with children at very close quarters, and their psychology continues to be a fascinating study for me to this day. I would like to emphasize that the formative years form the most crucial period in human life. Every child has the right to live a life of his or her choice, and it is our bounded duty to facilitate the same and to ensure their physical, mental, moral vital and social advancement. We should learn as to how to interact with children and nurse them at different stages.

Governor further said, our words, expressions, actions and dealings with them will ultimately determine and contribute to the shaping of their personality. The parents shoulder the basic responsibility of moulding the children’s minds. They should know the child’s psychology and act with due care and concern to meet their specific needs for their all round and balanced growth. There is no point in over burdening the children at tender age the Governor added.

In her message the Governor further said, the future of our nation lies on the shoulders of our children. We should have abounding love for children and abiding faith in their potential for the future. While it is a matter of satisfaction that very many efforts are being made by the Government and also by voluntary organizations and being institutions for the welfare of Children, there is still a lot more to be done to she added.