Panaji, June 12, 2018 … “All of us should bear in mind that sustainable growth and development is the only mantra that will ensure that the aspirations of growth and development are met along with the concerns of ecology and the environment,” said the Governor of Goa, Dr. (Smt.) Mridula Sinha at the inauguration of the Second International Conference on ”Sustainable Growth Through Universal Practices in Science, Technology and Management-2018,” held at Dona Paula, recently.

                While speaking further, the Governor asked the academicians, researchers, and those working in the field of technology to take sustainable steps to utilize their vast pool of knowledge, skill, resources and time to uplift the lives of the common man and utilize their resources for the benefit of humankind to provide sustainable solutions to problems. “Research should not remain limited to books and papers,” the Governor remarked.

                The Governor said “We should all strive to present a better life on this earth to our future generations, than what we have inherited. This is possible only through sustainable development.”

                    The Director, Directorate of Technical Education, Shri Vivek Kamat said that a paradigm shift in technical education was desirable, which would take into account employment, ability to innovate, nurturing innovation in students and faculty.

                Scientist and the Guest of Honour, Dr. V.K. Aatre, highlighted the environmental concerns society was facing. He said that society is running out of resources. He further said, “Technology is not the problem. What is the real problem is lacking the method of using technology in a sustainable way and lacking the wisdom to use technology wisely.”

          The conference was organized by the Directorate of Technical Education in association with the Sanjay Ghodawat University, Kolhapur.


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