Panaji, December 17, 2018 … The Governor of Goa Dr. (Smt) Mridula Sinha  inaugurated a four day “National Conclave  on Value Education organized by The Goa University in association with GVM’s Dr. Dada Vaidya College of Education, Difficult Dialogues, and Sponsored by State Bank of India, at  Donapaula yesterday. Dr. Prakash Shah delivered the keynote address.

The Governor  speaking on the  occasion  said that the decline of social values in society should be a matter of concern for all of us. We are doing remarkable development in the field of science but decline in our social values is not a good sign. A house is a primary institution where child learns basic lesson of values.  Therefore the behaviour of parents matters here.

The Governor further said that the four day conclave will deliberate on important aspects of human society and will arrive at a solution for the same.

Dr. Prakash Shah who was the keynote speaker in his address said that the value education is the vast subject like ocean. It comprises behaviour of human being in society. Values have social bearings. 

The Vice-Chancellor of Goa University Prof. Varun Sahni. In his welcome address said that education is the best tool to check the trend of degenerating value system. Now a days he said, there is a confusion about values in society.  Value education help us to differentiate between right and wrong  and therefore there is no end to value education which is necessary to become good human being. He hoped that the four day conclave would deliberate on this core issue of the conclave to explore strategies to bring back values  in the society he reiterated.                                         

Prof. Dhruv Raina, Col. ( Retd. ) John D’Silva, also spoke on the occassion

Prof. Y.V. Reddy Registrar proposed the vote of thanks.  


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