Minister for Fisheries Shri Nilkanth Halarnkar released fish fingerlings at Anjuna Reservoir, Keri Sattari and Amthane Reservoir today.

Director Fisheries, Smt Shamila Monteiro was also present on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion Shri Halarnakar said that the Government intends to promote freshwater fishing to increase the fish production and to fulfill the demand of fish in the State.  He appealed to the people to come forward to do harvesting of freshwater fishing through cage culture in a technical way.

Shri Halarnekar said that with the initiative of Director Fisheries about five lakh fingerlings consisting of fish species Rohu, Catla, and Common Carp were stocked in the existing reservoir. Stocking of fingerlings is the mainstay of reservoir fisheries development which will facilitate fish production on a sustainable basis. Auto stocking is not possible and requires a regular stocking programme to use the productive potential of the water body, he added.

Shri Harankar also acquainted himself with the facilities available at Keri farm for breeding a variety of fishes. He also acquainted himself with the Ornamental fish productivity cultivated in the farm and directed to keep and sell more types of ornamental fish.

Every year the Department of Fisheries stocks fish fingerlings of Catla, Rohu and Common carp at Chapolim, Salaulim, Amthane, Anjunem and Panchwadi Reservoir. This year the Department has planned to stock the fish fingerlings in all the Reservoirs in the State. The Indian Major Carp i.e Rohu, Catla and Marigal along with other carp such as common carp, grass carp and silver carp will be stocked in the reservoir with a total quantity of 5.00 lakh fish fingerling in each reservoir.


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