i am in support of forming a regional political party says st cruz mla babush mosoratte

05/12/2015 …. St cruz mla babush monsoratte whose had earlier confirmed of his decision of joining the state nationalist congress party has now come in support of forming a regional party which could have a say in the state politics rather than having the high command culture from the centre …
It may be noted that that the st cruz mla babush monosratte had earlier shown his interest in joining the state ncp party after he had been declared as an unattached mla in the state legislative assembly..
Speaking exclusively to goanreporter.com st cruz mla babush monsoratte said that though he still had time to join any political party he was of the opinion that the need of the hour was a regional force where in people of goa had a right to choose so that the high command culture could move out of the state
Mr monsoratte stated that a regional force was necessary which could though alliance up with a national party but the same regional ploitical party had the ultimate right to say what is good and bad for the state of goa at large
Commenting on his earlier statements of joining the state ncp party Mr monsoratte said that he was giving a taught on it and all door were opened for him to join or form a political party


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