Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival 2018


Panaji: 24th February::: The third edition of the Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival 2018 includes concerts invoking divine consciousness through the art of music, based on harmony and respectful, peaceful co-existence.

The 2018 festival includes concerts such as the “Caligaverunt oculi mei“ combining ancient sacred chants with sounds from different religious traditions; “​​Sacred Light – ​M​edieval to Minimalism”, a programme where different soloists expose the richness of their instruments in absolute serenity;

“The Sources of Divin​ity​” by the Goa University Choir and rich ensembles from all around the world in collboration with the awarded Guruji Pandit Sitwik Sanyal; the greatest Indian flutists , Rakesh Chaurasia at the marvellous St. Augustine Ruins – a UNESCO Heritage Monument; the Georgian Choir Ashgavali, offering orthodox sacred music from the land of Queen Ketevan; the release of the piece “The Martyrdom of Ketevan – Musical Officium”; the world renowned classical Baryton Trio from Hungary, amongst offerings from several others, weaving their notes into the world sacred music tapestry.


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