Panaji February 23, 2018 …. The food Safety and Standards Act, mandates the need of a license/registration to operate any food business in the country, and the food business operator found operating without the stipulated license/registration, are dealt under the penal provisions of the Act, which includes a fine up to Rs.5lakhs, and imprisonment for a term which may extend up to six months.

          In view of the above, all the food business operators operating canteens, eateries, food joints and/or supplying food to all educational institutes like school, Higher Secondary Schools, Colleges, Universities, Technical Training Centers as well as food business operators operating in Government offices, private offices, etc. are required to obtain either the registration or license under the food safety and standard Act., failing which penal action shall be applied as per the provisions of law.

          The food business operators are also expected to operate their kitchens as per the hygienic and good manufacturing practices guidelines, stipulated under schedule 4 of the Food Safety Act, 2006.

          All food business operators are hereby requested to obtain License/Registration and to maintain hygiene in their kitchen, failing which action will be imitated as per the provisions of law.  


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