Panaji: January 24,2018 … ‘Library is the heart of every institution and it is in the heart of every avid reader. Earlier we used to acquaint libraries only for print books, magazines and journals’’ said  by Governor of Goa Dr, ( Smt.) Mridula Sinha, who was speaking  as  the Chief Guest for the inaugural function of  3 day  ‘Library Technology Conclave’’ held at Faculty Block E, Auditorium, Goa University, at Taleigao  today.

 Library Technology Conclave (LTC2018) is a continuation of Koha Conclave instituted by Informatics in 2016 as an annual event. The first Koha Conclave was held in Bangalore in February 2016 while second was held in Pune.  At this second conclave it was decided to rename the Conclave with expanded scope as Library Technology Conclave ( LTC ) to be held annually in partnership with a leading Library and Information Center. This   Conclave is jointly organized by Informatics Center Bangalore and Goa University.

 Dr. Sinha Said that the advancement in technology is also changing the shapes of libraries. We now see digital libraries evolving from physical libraries. In Indian libraries she said that the speed of adopting the technology and keeping pace with the technology is not in sync with international libraries and the technology itself. Therefore investment in technology suffers high risk of obsolescence.

 Dr. Sinha further said that the three day Library Technology Conclave is a good initiative from Indian Company which patronizes Make in India to educate our library professionals to learn about the latest trends in library technologies and innovate themselves to be at level  of international libraries through  this conclave  she added.   

  The Vice-Chancellor of Goa University Prof. Varun Sahni while speaking said that technology is not new for India and  called for the need of learning more on how to adopt technology in our libraries to ensure the benefit of technology reaches every reader in the library.

   Earlier the message of the Minister of Human Resources and Development Government of India was telecast on this occasion.

      Dr, I.R.N. Goudar, Pragramme Chair Adjunct Professor, Mangalore University briefed about the overall programme of three day Conclave.

Prof. marshal Breeding,, Director, Innovative Technology & Research, Vanderbilt University Libraries USA,Mr. Christopher Cormack, Original Developer of Koha , New Zealand,  Ms.Katrin Fischer, IT Coordinator  for Koha, Baden-Worttemberg ( BSZ ) Germany, Dr. Dilara Begum, Librarian, East West University, Dhaka Bangladesh, Ms. Sandra Flisijn International Sales Manager Nadap NV, Netherlands  are the delegates have participated in the conclave.

  Shri N.V.Sathyanarayana, Conclave Chair Chairman & MD, Informatics India Limited who welcomed  the gathering earlier presented memento to the Governor Dr.Sinha.

Dr. V. Gopakumar, Organizing Chair Librarian Goa University proposed the vote of thanks.


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