Lifeguards rescue 16 tourists along Goa’s coastline between March 31 – April 6


10/04/2015 …. Lifeguards serving on the beaches of Goa have rescued around eight persons at different locations along the coastline between April 3-6, 2015 when tourists thronged to the sandy shores of Goa during the long extended weekend gone-by.

• A total of 16 persons were rescued by lifeguards between March 31 to April 6, 2015
• Major rescue operation at Arambol beach – eight saved
• Other rescues between April 3-6 at different locations

Rescues were carried out at Cavellosim, Anjuna, Bogmalo, Vagator and Ashwem beach. Most of the rescue reports indicate that the tourists wading in the waters, failed to pay heed to warnings from lifeguards and ventured either too far or into no-swimming zones where they got caught in rip currents.

In two of the cases, the rescued victims needed medical attention and were rushed to the closest hospital and primary health centre and were discharged after being administered required treatment.

In all the cases the lifeguards manning the respective lifeguard towers lost no time in rushing to the rescue of those in distress and brought out the tourists safely back to shore.

In another major incident reported on March 31, 2015, eight tourists were rescued at Arambol beach where they were caught in rip currents.

The incident occurred at around 3.00 pm approximately 300-400 meters from Arambol tower. The group from Bangalore had waded into the waters to a distance of 25-30 meters seawards.

The lifeguard on duty had requested the tourists to shift to a safe zone, but they did not pay attention to the warnings and continued swimming at the same location.

After a while the eight of them ventured further seawards and were caught in a rip current which dragged them 40-50 meters seawards. The victims were unable to swim back to shore and gestured for help. Lifeguard Sunil observed the victims in distress and approached them with the rescue boards and tubes. He also relayed for help from the neighbouring towers.

A jet ski was pressed into operation as well. Four victims were secured onto rescue boards, one with the rescue tube and three by the Jet Ski. All victims were brought safely to shore with the help of the Jet Ski.

Two of the victims were administered oxygen and taken to the nearby Tuem CHC and later referred to the District hospital at Mapusa.

Lifeguard services in Goa are provided by the Department of Tourism, Govt. of Goa and operated by Drishti’s Surf Life Sacing Goa (SLSG) which keeps a close watch on the beaches from dawn to dusk, an exercise which has prevented deaths due to drowning on the shores of the State.


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