Panaji: May 13, 2018 ….. The meeting of North Goa District Block Committee for Vector Borne Disease held in North Collect orate office recently under the Chairmanship of  Additional Collector I,   Shri Vikas Gaunnekar.

The main point discussed in the meeting was the pre monsoon preparedness to control outbreak of malaria in the state. The monsoon period is the breeding season of malaria. The places   like ponds, water tanks, tyres, coconut shells where water stagnates becomes breeding grounds of malaria. He also told the concerned officials to carry out the inspection of potential breeding sites during ensuing monsoon season.

While interacting with the members Shri Gaunekar  exhorted the officials of the Healthn Department and other related offices and NGOs to work rigorously to ensure that figures of vector borne disease in the North Goa District is  brought down to zero and  called for the need to seek declaration from concerned authorities to set  their responsibilities. They need to be asked to identify the places vulnerable for the outbreak of malaria and spread of other   vector borne diseases. He suggested for need mass awareness among people to take precautions to control   malaria in the state.

Shri Gaunekar also directed the concerned authorities to issue guidelines pertaining to do’s and don’ts to be followed by general public. The authorities from PWD and IDC to inspect abandoned buildings and should take action accordingly. As fishing  ban to be implemented in the month of June. He directed the concerned authorities to issue circular to all the Jetties in the state

Shri Roland Martins, Convener Goa Can during the discussion suggested that the doctors from the Public Health Centers have to call meeting of the Labour Inspectors to discuss about what measures to take to arrest malaria. He further suggested to direct Labour   Inspectors   to inspect and keep watch at the construction sites and ensure the guidelines or precautions issued are followed or not by the builders. The Village Panchayat and Schools to involve in making anti malaria campaign more effective,  he opined.

The Deputy collector Tiswadi and Officials of concerned   Government   Departments attended the meeting.



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