Member of goans for dabolim only ask goa government to give back mopa agricultural land to farmers


08-12-2013 … Member of goans for dabolim only on Saturday warned to take forward their agitation of asking for only dabolim airport in goa by asking the goan voters not to vote for those candidates in the upcoming lok Sabha elections who had not supported the forum in retaining the dabolim airport as the only civilian airport in goa ….

Addressing media person convener of goans for dabolim only fr eremite rebello said that with the inauguration of the new terminal at the dabolim airport the state economy would go forward and criticized the state government for not taking any steps to take over additional land for the navy for the extension of the dabolim airport ….

Fr eremito said that there was no need for another airport at mopa and therefore the land had to returned back to the farmers

Member of the forum rajendra kakodkar said that there was no need for mopa airport in goa when the central aviation minister had already promised of having a parallel taxi way at the airport while some politicians and government minister had been making false statements over the extension of dabolim airport