e-auctioning of iron ore is not a solution says president of the bharatiya mazdoor sangh Putu Gaonkar


09-12-2013 .. Stating that the e-auctioning of iron ore was just a move to used for delaying the state of legal mining activities in goa president of the bharatiya mazdoor sangh Putu Gaonkar said that e-auctioning system would not be welcomed by any mine owner in the state of goa as every mine owner had their right to sell their ore in which every they wanted to sell it

It may be noted that a Supreme Court appointed committee under Indian Forest Service officer U V Singh on Sunday had inspected the 10 million plus tonne of extracted ore iron ore Mormugao Port Trust which would be later slotted for e auction.

After banning all iron ore mining and export activity for more than a year, the Supreme Court last month had allowed e auctioning of nearly 11 million tonne of iron ore already extracted and stacked at the port.

Sources said that the revenues earned from the sale however would not be handed over to the mining companies, which extracted it, but would be held in escrow, until the origin and legality of the ore is established.

The state government will however be allowed to pocket the tax and royalty revenue earned from the e-auction.

Speaking to goanreporter president of the Goa Karmachari Mahasangh Putu Gaonkar goan mines were traditional mines and mine owners had the right to sell it in whichever way the mine owner wanted and therefore e-auctioning was not a feasible way of the state government

 Gaonkar said till now no one was aware of what rates would be fixed for e-auctioning and the ore at goa was only the export ore which is no way would be helpful through e-auctioning

Gaonkar also stated that instead of e-auctioning there could be legal cap on iron ore and mine owner should be allowed to sell their ore the way they wanted