members of 108 Ambulance Service Employees Union go on an indefinite hunger strike at azad maidan in panjim


19/03/2015 … Around six members of the 108 Ambulance Service Employees Union under the banner of bharatiya mazdoor sangh have gone on an indefinite hunger strike from Thursday at the azad maidan in panjim …

The members have gone on an indefinite hunger strike demanding in front of the state government to remove gvk contract from running 108 services in goa and also in demanding of reinstating their services back along with the new management

The employees, who have been on strike since February 18, have said that while the government was on their side it was GVK which was not ready to register itself as a contractor.

The union has been demanding for regularization, better working conditions and road worthy vehicles in addition to a long list of other demands.

Mr prabhudsesai said that there were a total of 130 staff under the union and all were from goa only

Meanwhile senior vice president of the nationalist congress party jose Philip dsouza along with ncp spokesperson trojano demello and other members also paid a visit at the azad maidan and heard the grievances of the 108 ambulance services employees



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