zilla panchayat polls in goa receives lukewarm response from voters


18/03/2015 ….. Elections for the zilla panchayat polls on Wednesday received a lukewarm response from voters as not much crowd was notice in corlim and st Lawrence zp constituencies …

big que at the polling booths at old goa village panchayat were noticed and due to the ballot paper voting systems voters had to wait for long in que for their turns to come for voting

there was not much crowd seen at the polling booth situated at corlim village panchayat and the government officials deployed for the duty at the polling booth did not had much problem to deal with the voting system

Voting was also notice in a slow pace in st Lawrence zp constituency specially at the primary school polling booth in karmali village where in independent candidate dhaku madkaikar casted his vote

Dhaku expressed confident of getting a victory at the zp elections ..