Margao:  August 06, 2018 … The District Magistrate and Chairperson of South Goa District Crisis Group, Dr. TariqThomas have decided to conduct a mock drill between 10.30 a.m. to 12.00 Noon on August 29, 2018 at Indian Oil Corporation Ltd and Hindustan Petroluem Corporation Ltd, Vasco.  The drill is a part of the planned activity to have such drills at all the 8 Major Accidental Hazardous Units (MAH) in South Goa.

The South District Magistrate, Dr. Thomas assesing the risk areas in the likely scenario, i.e, the fruit and the vegetable market along with others during the drill expressed the need to co-ordinate with the people  undertaking the activity by having a meeting with the stakeholders by the concerned agencies.

Dr. Thomas stressed the need to have minimal disruptions of normal life of putting the general public to inconvenience and difficulties and felt that the people in the vicinity should participate for their own good – to prepare themselves for actual reality.

Dr. Thomas called upon all the line agenies to appoint a Nodal Officer for the purpose and sought co-operation to ensure and improvise upon the SOP to meet any eventualities in real life.

The general public are informed that the traffic F.L. Gomes Road will be diverted through the Swanthatha Road during the aforesaid time on the given day and appealed to the people to co-operate with the authorities.

It may be informed that the South Goa District Crisis Group have recently successfully conducted drills at two installations, namely, Zuari Agro Chemcials Ltd. and Zuari Indian Oil Ltd. out of the 8 Major Accidental Hazardous Units (MAH) in South Goa.  The objective of the drills is to create awareness among the residents of the locality on how to take safety measures and prepare themselves during such incidences.  


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