Panaji: june 18, 2018 Deputy Superintendent  of  Police, Traffic (HQ) has ordered all motorists to take following Do’s and Don’t precautions on the roads

while driving during the monsoon Do’s such as  Regularly check vehicles wipers, head lights, tail lights, brake lights, side indicators and brakes to ensure that they are functional, while checking special emphasis be given on the condition of tyres and should ensure that the tyres are having full and proper treads,

to ensure that mud flaps are fitted to prevent water and mud from splashing on other motorists risking the lives of others,  also two wheeler riders and cyclists should wear bright coloured rain wear/rain coat for better visibility to other motorists, similarly always wear helmets with straps securely fastened. The pillion rider should also wear helmet, avoid driving fast in water logged areas, to drive within the speed limit, maintain distance from other vehicles and apply brakes gently to avoid skidding of the vehicle.

          Further Don’t’s are as follows  do not use an umbrella while riding a two wheeler,  do not overtake when it is raining and don’t splash water at pedestrians while driving on water logged roads.  Public are also requested to strictly follow the above safety precautions and also advised to obey traffic laws and co-operate with Traffic Police.