Panaji, April 29, 2018 … “Follow road rules not because someone is telling you to follow them but follow them with your heart,” said the Minister for Transport, Shri. Ramkrishna alias Sudin Dhavalikar, today at the inaugural function of the 29th National Road Safety Week-2018 organised by the Directorate of Transport, in Bambolim.

            The theme for this year’s Road Safety Week is ‘Road Safety, Life Safety’. While speaking further on the occasion, Shri Dhavalikar asked the people to make road safety a priority. Shri Dhavalikar further said that they would continue to work towards improving roads in Goa.

            Shri. Pratapsingh Rane, MLA of Poriem Constituency, said that strict rules should be followed while issuing licenses. “Life is precious. Make road safety a habit,” he said also suggesting that the young should work alongside with the traffic police to get a better understanding of road safety.

            Shri Francisco Silveira, MLA of St Andre Constituency in his speech said that parents’ should not give vehicles to their minor children.

            Dr. Pradeep Naik, Dean of Goa Medical College (GMC) said that the doctors at GMC try their best to save accident victims but often injuries are very severe. He said that accidents occur often because of the casual attitude of road users, especially the young generation. “Accidents can be prevented,” he said. 

            Dr. Muktesh Chander, IPS, Director General of Police (DGP), spoke of the importance of educating youngsters on road safety. “Parents should realize that teaching their children about road safety is as important as learning academic skills. Road safety should be inculcated as a habit from schools. Believe in road safety,” he said.  

            Shri. Nikhil Desai, Director of Directorate of Tranpsort, said the youngsters and students can be torch bearers to spreading the message of road safety. He also spoke of the steps being taken to curb accidents.

            The Assistant Director of Transport, Shri Sandeep Desai proposed the vote of thanks. Dr Dayanand Rao compered the function.


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