Panaji, June 25, 2017 …. An Annual Administrative Inspection of 1Goa Battalion NCC was held at their office in the Panaji yesterday. The inspection was carried out by Group Commander, NCC Group Headquarters, Belagavi Col. K.V.Srinivas in the presence of Col. Sanjay Nagi, Commanding Officer of 1GOA Battalion NCC and Lt.Col. Farooque Raza.

While receiving performance of the three NCC units currently active in Goa, Col. Srinivas met cadets and Associate NCC Officers (ANOs) of various schools and colleges. In his address to the ANOs Col. Srinivas stressed on the need to inculcate values of NCC in cadets. “NCC is a youth organisation which helps in an all round development of a human being. Hence, it has to be made mandatory in schools. It gives a cadet a chance to attend camps, make friends, learn to be independent and awakens patriotism. Goa has good representation in all India activities. We want each cadet to benefit from their training,” he said.

He also stated that NCC endows a cadet with defence’s lifestyle and hands-on training in firing, boat-pulling etc. “Besides these, there are numerous camps such as National Integration Camp, Thal Sena Camp and Republic Day Camp which provide intellectual and cultural exchange and enhance competitive and friendly spirit among them.” He later addressed to various administrative issues placed by ANOs.

Commanding Officer of 1Goa Battalion NCC Col. Nagi informed that the Goa’s cadets lack incentives vis-a-vis the cadets from other states. “We have already put up this issue with Chief Minister and working on it. We want more students to enroll in NCC and earn academic benefits in the careers they take up,” he said.