ncp not to borrow any candidate for the north goa lok sabha seat for the 2014 lok sabha elections


30-05-2013 … Asking to be more active in its parties development NCP Supremo Sharad Pawar has stressed upon saying that his party in goa had eligible candidates who were able to contest the North Goa Lok Sabha seat at the upcoming parliamentary elections said former revenue minister jose Philip d’souza . 

 Pawar is in goa for the past few days and has already interacted with the state ncp leaders over various issues of the party in the state as well over the upcoming lok sabha election

 Speaking to goanreporter senior ncp leader and former revenue minister jose Philip dsouza said that his party supremo sharad pawar had asked the state party leaders to strengthen the party at grass root level and to get ready for lok sabha elections specially in north goa

Philip said this time the party was sure of fielding its own candidate and wont at no cost romp in any of the outside candidate in to the party fold

 On asked if weather Philip was ready of his party asked him to contest the coming lok sabha elections Philip said that he was the loyal soldier of the ncp party and would abide by whatever decision his party would ask him to do so