need to preserve goan identity while implementing regional plan 2021 says bjp vice president dr wilfred mesquita

15/12/2015 …. Vice president of the goa state bharatiya janata party dr wilfred mesquita has said that the implementation of the state regional plan was done in such a way that the identity of goans was preserved for posterity and life long
Speaking to media persons in panjim dr mesquita said that there was a need to take every citizen of the state in to confidence while implementing the regional plan 2021 if it was in the interest of the state and if goans opposed it then the government of the day had to listen to the sentiments of the goans too ..
Mr mesquita said that there was a need to retain goan identity in every form while implementing the state regional plan 2021 instead of fighting for special status
Mr mesquita also stated that asking for special status and destroying goas identity would in no way preserve goa’s image for future generations


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