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Chairman of the minority cell of the state congress party saifullah khan demands for re-notification of dabolim parking land


11-feb-2013 … Stating that the state bjp led government was fooling goans with the dabolim mopa airport issue Chairman of the minority cell of the state congress party saifullah khan on Monday demanded for the re-notification of the dabolim parking land

Speaking to media reporters at the party head office in Panjim saifullah said that the state chief minister Manohar Parrikar was making fun of goans saying that dabolim airport would not be close if mopa comes up and therefore would asked for renotification of the dabolim parking land

Saifullah said that if the airport at dabolim closure down and mop comes up it would not only have an effect on the entire south goa but also on the tourism sector in the vasco port town

 Meanwhile spokesperson of state congress party reginaldo lourenco said the party would come out with a clear statement over the dabolim airport issue and would also take up the issue with the centre

officials of old goa village panchayat in no mood of allowing the ccp for setting up the garbage treatment plant at baigunim


9-feb-2013 … Even though the state chief minister has initiated plans of setting up a 100 tonnes garbage treatment plant at baigunim the officials of old goa village panchayat seems to be in no mood of allowing the corporation city of panjim for setting up the garbage treatment plant …

old goa village is considered to be recognized as the world heritage site and time and again locals have opposed to the move of setting up the garbage treatment plant

it may be noted that in the last cabinet meeting chief minister had announced of setting up a 100 tones garbage treatment plant at baiguinim site which would not have smell within the radius of 2mts …

speaking to goanreporter sarpanch of old goa village panchayat vishal volvoikar said we the old goa village panchayat members along with the locals have already taken a gram sabha resolution not to allow any garbage treatment plant at baigunim and that remains the same as we wont allow any such plant to come up as it would destroy the complete topography of world heritage site at old-goa .

Not only that since we have an objection to the setting up of the treatment plant the matter of permitting construction licenses is still lying at the office of director of panchayats office and therefore our decision remains the same said vishal …

While earlier north goa mp shripad naik and even cumbarjua mla has made their stands clear over the baigunim issue

In his earlier statement North goa mp shripad naik has already clarified his stand stating that “every local as well as people from surrounding areas in and around old goa have been opposing to this project at baigunim as old goa is a world famous tourist spot having ancient old churches along with a mutt, residential area as well as a school and therefore when people from all over the world visit old goa we do feel that such project should not come up close to this world heritage site and should not think of this spot also and therefore I fell ccp and state government should think of other place and set up their solid waste management plant though we also do understand that a solution has to come on solving garbage issues”

While cumbarjua mla pandurang madkaikar also stated that “I being a local mla has opposed to the setting up of this garbage treatment plant at baigunim and if now ccp or tries to put up a plant then once again people would get up and therefore I also I feel that ccp should not think of putting their hands in to fire once again as ccp know that right from beginning there has been an oppose on it which has been a strong oppose and that same oppose is still on “` …..

junk vehicles used for add campaigns along the aggasaim highway road causing nuisance to vehicle mover’s


9-feb-2013 … While junk vehicles are said to be moved out of the state roads a junk vehicle situated along the aggasaim by pass road has earned a lot of attraction from passer-by’s who make it a point to have a glimpse of the junk vehicle which is being used for an add campaign of a private company …

it seems that the aggasaim local police station which is close to the areas as well as local Panchayat is least bothered to take a note of the junk vehicle being parked for the past few months and have till date not verified as to whom the vehicle belongs too which had been doing add campaigns for month’s on now….

it may be noted that On February 12, 2008, the High Court of Bombay in Goa had directed the state authorities to remove all illegal hoardings in the state and were to be complied with by the collectors of North and South Goa, directorate of panchayats, director of municipal administration and the highway administration.

The order of the High Court assumed significance in view of mushrooming illegal billboards in Goa, particularly along the national highways. Following a news report in a local daily, the court had taken suo moto cognizance and issued a notice to the state authorities.

The court had observed that billboards are being erected without obtaining NoCs from local authorities and in violation of the 40-metre setback rule set out by the Indian Road Congress and without the permission of the Traffic Cell.

The court observed that local authorities must exercise proper control over billboard erection and order their removal wherever rules are flouted. The court noted that the hoardings are a hazard to road safety and mar the natural beauty of the state but questions arise as why the locals authorities have been quite of such type of junk vehicle carrying out add campaigns,

Though goareporter team tried to contact the local police inspector of the aggasaim police station as well as sarpanch of agassaim village Panchayat to verify about the facts of the junk vehicle all went in vain as both the officers were unable to be found in their offices when contacted …

Chief minister Manohar Parrikar launches pre-carnival festivities


9-feb-2013 … Chief minister Manohar Parrikar launched the pre-carnival festivities by releasing a bunch of balloons at the Garcia da Orta garden on Friday evenining

The ‘Samba Square’ festivities organised by the Panjim Carnival Committee headed by the Commissioner of the Corporation of the City of Panjim Sanjit Rodrigues were inaugurated by Parrikar who is also the local MLA by releasing colourful balloons, an hour after the scheduled start, amidst mascots, clowns, music and lavish food.

The Samba Square features dance, music and entertainment for five days including special games and kids’ zones, lounges, entertainment and other facilities in the garden.

Crowds thronged the Garcia da Orta garden sporting vibrant coloured wigs, outfits and spontaneously broke into dance in tune with the music that was being dished out at the venue.

the festival of carnival brought in fun and music at the Garcia da Orta garden at the same time it was sad to note that small plants which have been planted inside the garden were once again destroyed by people who had thronged in to the garden to take part in carnival festivities …

Not only that even the ccp officials took a least care about the vehicles which had damaged the garden plants while Mercedes vehicles were put up for display inside the garden as a promotional activity ….

Meanwhile plants which were gown with great care along the median of the road from patto bridge to the kala academy were seen being stampede by the crowds who had assembled to be a part of the carnival float parade once again raising questions as weather ccp or the state government is really interested in beautifying the capital city or the plants grown along the median were just a wastage of government funds …


plants being destroyed along the median in panjim city


8-feb-2013 … With the carnival celebrations being kicked off in to the capital city from Saturday questions are being raised on weather the officials of the corporation city of Panjim as well as carnival organizers or enthusiasts would take care of the various plants that are grown inside the road medians from kala academy to the patto brige which are likely to get stampede during the ongoing carnival festival

It may be noted that the city of Panjimget flooded with carnival enthusiasts during the carnival float paradewhere inMore than 100 floats are slated to participate at the opening day parade of the Carnival 2013 and during this carnival float parade celebrations people are seen to be putting their feet’s over the plants grown along the divider or even the labourers fitting up bamboos destroying this plants …

On the other hand ccp has been doing its best to see that the dividers where in plants are grown are given the cities natural beauty but when such festivals of carnival, shigmo or international film festival of India are held in the state these tiny plants planted along the in the middle of the road dividers do get themselves underneath the feat of locals or are trapped under bamboo sticks for closing the one side of the area ….

Speaking to goanreporter ccp commissioner Sanjit Rodrigues said that it was difficult to keep a control on the people who were coming to watch the carnival float parade and there was loss of plantation due to the stampede during such festival every year …

Horticulturist Daniel dsouza said that the city gardens were facing a set back due to festivals like carnival being held once in a year he had proposed of shifting carnival float parade route to be shifted towards shigmo route as the shigmo route was much more spaced out and no gardens were coming along the route

Meanwhile Commenting over the samba square where in a four day festivities of carnival would kick off Sanjit said that theSamba Square would feature dance, music and entertainment for five days along with Special games and kids’ zones, lounges and entertainment being set up at the garden.

state Congress legislature party decides to request goa state governor Bharat wir wanchoo not to give his assent over the present lokauykta ammendments


7-feb-2013 … Stating that a diluted lokayukta is no lokayukta the state Congress legislature party on Thursday decided to request the goa state governor Bharat wir wanchoo not to give his assent over the present lokauykta

The decision was taken at the congress legislature party meet which was held at the residence of the opposition leader pratapsingh rane at altinho and was attendned by st cruz mla babush monsoratte, curtorim mla reginaldo lourenco, dabolim mla mauvin Godinho, valopi mla vishwajjet rane along with opposition leader pratapsingh rane while st cruz mla jeniffer monsoratte, quepem mla babu kavlekar, Margao mla Digambar kamat and cumbarjua mla pandurang madkaikar remained absent from the meet …

Addressing press media curtorim mla and spokesperson of the state congress party reginaldo lourenco said that the members of the congress legislature party strongly condemned the amendments passed to the lokayukta in the last assembly session by the present bjp led government

Reginaldo said the party would not mind if there was a special one day assembly session to discuss over the lokayukta issue

 Reginaldo also stated that the congress party mla’s had opposed to the request of the state bjp led government of assisting them in foreign jaunts

state cabinet approves various post in cardiology and cardio-thorensic unit of the goa medical college hospital bambolim


6-feb-2013 … The state cabinet on Wednesday approved various post in the field of cardiology and cardio-thorensic unit of the goa medical college hospital for a contract period of one year ….

 Addressing press media at the cabinet briefing chief minister Manohar Parrikar said that the cabinet had approved two cardiologist, two cardio theoretic surgeon, two cardio anesthologist, clinical cardiac perfutionist

 Parrikar said that a 100 tones garbage treatment plant would be set up at baiguinim site which would not have smell within the radius of 2mts while a short tender would be floated by mid of this month for garbage collection along the highway roads …

 Commenting over the issue of lokayukta Parrikar stated that he was ready to reduced 16a deemed rejection clause and was open for amount clarification but opined that punishment had to be there for vexatious complaints

sygenta, santa monica, awards scholarships of the year 2012 to various students of corlim along with surrounding areas of old goa, carambolim and cumbarjua


5-feb-2013 … Being committed to the development of the local community in the village of corlim and surrounding areas sygenta, santa monica, corlim on Monday awarded scholarships of the year 2012 to various students of corlim and to the students of surrounding areas of corlim, old goa, carambolim and cumbarjua …

On the occasion dean of the faculty of natural sciences, goa university dr Erwin desa was the chief guest for the function along with sygenta site manager martin gosh, head of corporative social responsibilities at santa monica p s jagdessha and maria menezes …

Various students from primary school, secondary schools and higher secondary who had done exceptionally well in studies, sports, arts, music were awarded Scholarships from the hands of respected dignitaries present on the occasion

Speaking on the occasion chief guest of the function dr Erwin desa said appreciated the idea of sygenta for giving scholarships to local schools

Site manager of sygenta martin gosh also spoke on the occasion sygenta would like to engage much more with the community though scholarships is one of the idea in it

special gram sabha meet of village Panchayat of corlim on passed resolution demanding for Special Status to Goa


4-feb-2013 … In a special gram sabha meet members of the village Panchayat of corlim on Sunday passed a resolution demanding for Special Status to Goa a resolution which has been asked by the gram sabha members to be forwarded to the Chief Minister of Goa on behalf of the villager’s of Corlim

The other resolution passed at the gram sabha meet were that all multi-storied mega project developments be immediately stopped and no permission be granted for any future mega projects, all village roads be limited to less than 5m width, buffer zone of radius 1.5 km from the Panchayat Building of Corlim be established in which no new multi-storied buildings can be constructed, all new applications for water and electricity be carefully studied by Corlim Panchayat including ground water and the same be advised to the respective Departments

it was also noticed that a panch member victor Pereira was seen sitting in the middle of the gram sabha members trying to discuss about the issue of the local village Panchayat with the members of the gram sabha

also it was brought to the notice of the Panchayat body member’s by the villagers of Corlim that the approved plans of the massive mega-project which had show the existing road width of the village road as 6 mts on tcp plan was totally wrong as the present road width varies from 3m to lessthan 6mts at different locations along the road bordering the construction project due to which the villagers requested that building license be revoked but however the  Panchayat assured the villagers that  they will call for inspection of the road site near the construction of the concerned project by The Town & Country Planning Department and the PWD and the panchayat informed that the concerned members would be invited during the  Site Inspection ..

Meanwhile panch member victor Pereira also brought to the notice of gram sabham members of  his idea of having a garbage treatment plant for the village of corlim …

Peter England, india’s premium men’s wear brand announces its first exclusive store in Panjim


3-feb-2012 … Peter England, india’s premium men’s wear brand on Saturday announced its first exclusive store in Panjim ..

The company opened its first exclusive outlet in Goa at panaji city today. State Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar inaugurated the outlet, which is located in the heart of the city

Spread over 1350 square feet the store would offer a complete array of fine crafted formal shirts trousers sharp suits and blazers and accessories for young men who are at the beginning of their career …

Peter England is known to have an iconic past and the location chosen for the store launch is equally iconic the very famous vaglo building which is owned by vasant and sachin vaglo …

Meanwhile peter brand intends to expand its pan-India presence by increasing its current number of 500 outlets to 600 by March 2014 Kedar Apshankar, Chief Operating Officer Peter England, told reporters during the inauguration of the outlet in the city