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Press Release For the day as on 09.12.2012 pertaining to the cases Registered at below mentioned Police Stations / Units are as under.


                                                                       NORTH GOA DISTRICT

PORVORIM PS: Mrs. Seema w/o Santosh Arlekar r/o Salvador do Mundo Paithan complained that on 05.12.12 at around 10.30 hrs,  in front  of  House no. 49/12 Salvador  Do Mundo, Paithan,  accused person 1) Mr. Noel Athaide and 2)  Mrs.  Suveena  Athaide both  r/o  Paithan Salvador  Do Mundo,  Bardez insulted  her  and  her son  using  words   against their cast  and  uttered  bad words. Cr.No.161/12 u/s 3(ii) and (x) of Schedule cast and Scheduled tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989 and Section 504 IPC stands registered. Dy. Sp. Raikar is I. O.

2) Smt. Kavita w/o Basappa Gudhinhor r/o, c/o Sanjay Kalangutkar, Nerul Bardez n/o Dharwad Karnataka complained that on 06.12.12 at 10.50 hrs.  near Nunes garage, Alto Porvorim  NH-17 road, accused  driver of Tata Safari No.GA-08-A-6401  namely Anand  Prasad r/o Soccorro  Bardez  drove his car in a rash and negligent manner, while  proceeding  from  Panaji  to Mapusa  and  when reached  near Nunes garage –  Alto Porvorim,  dashed  to Hero Honda  splendor M/cycle No. GA-003-S-7813  which was also  proceeding  in same  direction  having  put on right  indication light  in a  process of  taking  turn  leading  to others High way road  proceeding  from Mapusa to Panaji as a result  of which rider complainant  and above motor cycle  and   fell on the  road and  sustained serious injuries. Cr.No.162/12 u/s 279, 338 IPC stands registered. HC Ulhas Narvekar is I.O.

MAPUSA PS: Melvin Fernandes r/o Calvim Carmona lodged a complaint to the effect that on 08.12.12 between 07.00 hrs.  to 08.00 hrs.  at Calvim  Bardez  accused person 1) Mrs.   Adrigues Gracias  and  her son  both r/o  Uccassaim  2)   Rubelina  Conceio D’Souza r/o  calvim, 3)  Luis  D’Cruz r/o  Calvim, 4)  Mrs. Fedrina Dias  r/o  Calvim  with their  common intention  killed   his 2 cows and one Ox by using  poison,  thereby  causing  loss. In this connection Cr.No.312/12 u/s 429 r/w 34 IPC stands registered.  ASI Y.R. Gawas is I.O.

PONDA PS: Paras Upadhay s/o Gopalji r/o near Alcon Company, Pissurlem n/o Bihar complained that on 08.12.12 at about 18.30 hrs.  at first entrance  of IDC Kundai  near  Kundil Ispat  company,  accused  1) Girish  Ganpat Naik r/o Kundai  2)  Manoj  r/o  Bandora ( full name not known) 3) Deep, 4)   Pander r/o  near  ground Kundai,  with  their common intention wrongfully restrained  his  tanker by   putting  maroon color car No. GA-01 R-4894 in front of tanker,  abused  him filthy words,  pulled  him out and  assaulted  with  fist blows, slaps and kicks, further  through stones damaged  front wind glasses,  punctured  the  tyre and tore his  shirt causing  loss to the tune of rs.12,000/-. Accused being arrested. Cr.No.380/12 u/s 341, 504, 427, 324 r/w 34 IPC stands registered. ASI R.S. Gaonkar is I.O.

AGACAIM PS:  Prof. V.P. Kamat, Registrar Goa university complained that prior to 07.12.12 TNK at Goa university accused Mr. Gujaddep Sandhu  r/o Mapusa  made  a forged mark sheet  of Goa university  certificate  without  being  enrolled  in the  same as  bonafied student and harmed the  reputation of institution. In this connection Cr.No.99/12 u/s 464, 469 IPC stands registered.  PI S. Vaigankar is I. O.

CALANGUTE PS: On 09.12.12, one Rakesh s/o Shivram Mahajan, age 42 yrs.  r/o Ekta Nagar Mapusa N/O Nasik was brought dead at PHC  Candolim by 108 services. Body preserved in GMC Morgue. In this connection U.D.No.60/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered. PSI Devyani is I. O.


MARGAO TOWN PS: Miss Aisha Khanapuri r/o Zoriwada, Davorlim complained that on 21.11.12 between 18.00 hrs. to 20.00 hrs.  near bank of  Baroda Navelim, unknown culprits  committed theft of Honda Dio scooter  No.GA-08-L-8428, W/rs.35,000/- approx. from an open parking place. Cr. No.483/12 u/s 379 IPC is registered.  HC K. P. Shetgaonksr is I. O.

2) Complaint on behalf of the State that on 08.12.12 between 21.35 hrs.  to 22.50 hrs.  near Sulabh Shauchalaya, Aquem, Margao, upon reliable and specific  information the  personnel  search of  accused  namely Narayan Nadir r/o  Tamilnadu,   he was  found in illegal  possession of  1589 grams of ganja  W/rs.3000/- approx. without  any legal  document. Cr.No.484/12 u/s 20 (b) (ii) (A) of NDPS Act stands registered. PSI   P.Umarye is I. O.

3) On 09.12.12, Dead body of unknown female was found lying at Old Market near advertisement Board. Body preserved in Hospciio Hospital Morgue Margao. U.D.No.125/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered. PSI S. G. Chavan is I. O.

VERNA PS: Savio da Gama r/o Mazilwada, Nagoa, Verna complained that between 07.12.12 at 16.00 hrs.  to 09.30 hrs. of 08.12.12 at Nagoa,  Verna  unknown culprits  effected  entry into his  flat by breaking  open  the locks of the  doors and committed theft of the plumbing item all W/rs.60,000/-. Cr.No.185/12 u/s 454, 457, 380 IPC stands registered. PSI Arjun Sangodkar is I.O.


PRESS NOTE of 10 december 2012


All referees are requested to note that the centre for Margao Zone for the promotional examination for all categories of football referees, to be held on 16th December 2012, will be the Rosary High School at Navelim.

The fitness test on 13-1-2013 will be held at Campal Ground, in Panjim, and the reporting time is 6.45.a.m.


one-day: CII Higher Education Summit 2012 “Improving Quality of Higher Education to Drive Goa’s Economy” on Friday, 14 December 2012 at Vivanta by Taj Panaji in Goa


Directorate of Higher & Technical Education, Government of Goa in association with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is organising a one-day:  CII Higher Education Summit 2012 “Improving Quality of Higher Education to Drive Goa’s Economy” on Friday, 14 December 2012 at Vivanta by Taj Panaji, Goa .

Mr. Keshav Chandra, Secretary Education Government of Goa and Mr. Anil Kher, Chairman CII Goa Council are driving this initiative of “Improving Quality of Higher Education to Drive Goa’s Economy”.

The summit on 14 December 2012 will be attended by H.E. The Governor of Goa, Mr. Bharat Vir Wanchoo, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Goa, Mr. Manohar Parrikar and bureaucrats, Heads of Educational Institutions, Trustees of about 50 Colleges in Goa alongwith their Principals and Heads of Departments.

  All education in a country has got to be demonstrably in promotion of the progress of the country in which it is given”-/ Gandhiji on Purpose of education”

As a key beneficiary of the education services CII has embarked on many initiatives to bring about ‘Quality in Education in India ’. The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the growth of Indian industry; partnering industry, academia and Government alike through advisory and consultative process. It aims to enhance the competitiveness of all the key sectors of the economy, which impacts the growth of the country. One such concerted effort is from CII Goa, which has been advocating the delivery of Quality of education in the nation for over a decade. .

With these deliberations the path for Indian education Quality journey can be tread with small steps but with a purpose of urgency.

Goa is a small state with high literacy and Per capita income of near $3500. The economy is however in the primary and value add stage, be it in manufacture or services sector. The younger generation, nearly 22000 who enter the job market each year, aspire for well-paying jobs and these are not easily available in the state today. The problems faced by Primary activities such as mining are troubling the state economy.

The solution is to train our students to be eligible for more than Rs. 2.0 lakhs p.a. jobs and attract better industries that use them to make Products, lead Research and Development and Innovation. It is these sectors that will meet the aspiration of our young generation and also meet with approval from the Goan people at large.

Goa needs to move from 30% graduate enrollment to emulate Korea with 90% graduate enrollment with matching abilities.

To move our higher education system to this path CII has organized the Summit on 14th Dec 2102.

The summit will be attended by Trustees of all 50 Colleges in Goa along with their Principals and Heads of Departments.

The Inaugural session would drive the point that Goa has no option than creating better equipped students if we are to keep progressing sustainably.

Session 1. – There is a need to revise curriculum in most courses as it has not been revised for about 30 years. Academic Autonomy is also very important according to bringing in better education. The university is ready. Mr. Arun Nigavekar, Ex Chairman UGC, will talk on Academic Autonomy and the Director of COEP Mr. Anil Sahasrabudhe, will share experience on Autonomy and Dr. Satish Shetye will speak on e learning followed by deliberations with panelists comprising of college principals and secretary Education Mr. Keshav Chandra

Session 2- The owners of Goa ’s 50 institutions need to make learning outcomes as their priority. The pro VC of Symbiosis will talk on High Quality Learning. And leading autonomous institutions and those on the way to autonomy like Mr. Umaji Chowgule will share their experiences then followed by a panel discussion with owners/ trustees of Goan colleges.

Session 3 – The faculty in colleges need to teach better for improved learning outcomes. Faculty from Goa University , BITS Pilani, will talk about pedagogy / Wipro Mission 10X etc to guide our faculty to plan courses and lessons in a more interesting format.

The Summit will end with a panel discussion that lays down the roadmap and timeline for reform.


·        Curriculum Revision

·        Institute Autonomy

·        View of Challenges and Objectives, Governmental Focus

·        Improving Indian Education through Best Global leading Practices in Teaching

·        Goa as Potential Education Hub

This Summit will go a long way towards establishing Goa as a Prime Education Hub in the region and country. Through this press conference and press release we urge all institution owners and principals and HODs to come on board and be a part of this positive change agenda for the future of our State and Children.

SAAD-SAMVAD “a “Community Policing Initiative of Goa Police.


Panjim-Dec-10-2012 … The involvement of community at large in policing is a concept which has been recognized all over the world. Even in India this concept has been successfully implemented in different parts of the country. Unfortunately, police in India with a legacy inherited from British India had till date been perceived as an oppressive tool. There is a need to change this perception and to take initiatives for involving public at large in its own policing. Police has to approach the public and start taking initiatives to bridge the communication gap between public and police and make efforts to reduce the trust deficit.

            To have better  understanding  and communication between police  and public it has been decided to launch  a community  policing  pragramme  titled “ Saad  Samvad” District  Police  and Traffic  Police  are the  major  stake  holders with the  general  public   in this initiative. The objective of this community policing initiative is 1.) To bridge the communication gap between police and public.2)  To break anonymity of law breakers. 3.) To make law abiding citizens as   stakeholders in community policing. 4.)To improve police image. 5.) To make police accountable and transparent.

 To achieve the above objectives District Police chiefs have been asked to organize meeting with villagers especially in coastal areas where the staff of concerned police station should be introduced to the public. District SPs should sensitize the members of public against certain menaces like Drug Trafficking, Human Trafficking and other illegal activities affecting the social fabric and law and order. An appeal will be made to the public to assist police in curbing these menaces and be a partner in the prevention and detection of crime.

 Similarly  Traffic  police  have been told to  conduct traffic  education pragramme in schools  and sensitize  and educate young  minds on the observation of traffic rules and  discipline. SP traffic has been asked to organize different competitions for school children like essay competition, painting competition in which children should be encouraged  to express their  views about traffic  scenario  and other  road  safety issues.

SP North/South/ Traffic will chalk out a schedule to hold meeting with villagers.

Superstar India presented David Guetta Live in Goa


Kingfisher Premium, the Good Times partner in association with Superstar India presented the year’s highly anticipated performance by one of the most popular DJ in the world – David Guetta. The French sensation delivered a power packed performance to a full house by playing few of his Electronic Dance Music (EDM) hits.

The French DJ who has sold approximately 15 million singles worldwide and smashed the world charts with numerous hits performed at the GTDC – Baga grounds amidst thousands of eager revelers and Kingfisher fans. As the crowd went into a frenzy and danced to his tunes, David Guetta spun his magic with the usual stylish persona that he is known for.  The tempo of the concert took off with some chill beats like Titanium, Turn me on followed by the crowds putting their hands up in the air to rapid fire sound of bass.

Kingfisher premium, The Good Times partner, ensured that the free-flowing beer did not let anybody go thirsty as David Guetta played his masterful compositions that included Sexy Chick, Without you, I can only imagine,  Whose going to save the world tonight, Sweat and Get low. The loudest cheer from the full capacity crowd came when he played the hit single Don’t You worry Child.  By the end of the night, the crowd was left yearning for more as they chanted his name in unison.

David Guetta – A producer, composer and officially the most popular DJ in the world was voted as the #1 DJ in the ‘DJ Mag Top 100 DJs’ fan poll in 2011. His fourth studio album ‘One Love’ was nominated as “Best Electronic/Dance Album” at the 52nd Grammy Awards.

Health Minister Laxmikant Parsekar inaugurates Sports Medicine Seminar in Goa


The Health Minister Mr. Laxmikant Parsekar today inaugurated the Sports Medicine Seminar organised by the Goa Football Development Council at a City hotel in the presence of the Chairman of the Goa Football Development Council Dr. Rufino Monteiro, the Secretary Sports Mr. Keshav Chandra, Leading doctors and experts invited for the seminar from across India and large number of Coaches, P.E Teachers and Sports administrators.

Mr. Laxmikant Parsekar reminded the audience that the Government soon after taking over fulfilled its electoral promise by declaring football as the Official Sport of Goa.  He said that the Government went one step further by constituting the GFDC under the Chairmanship of Dr.  Rufino Monteiro and from the reports that he has obtained, he expressed satisfaction at the strides made by the council by beginning with a focus on the crucial aspect of Sports Medicine.

In a lighter vein, Mr. Parsekar said that with the involvement of more and more youth in football and sports in general, the spending on health sector would come down and exhorted more and more people to take to some sport or the other.  He assured that the desire the Chief Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar to establish a full fledged Sports Medicine Centre would soon become a reality .

Dr. Rufino Monteiro in his address highlighted the various initiatives taken by the GFDC since it came into being and informed that sports medicine was a subject which needed to be brought in the  forefront so as to save many a sportsmen careers from getting ruined due to injuries which both could be prevented and also be treated.  Resolving that he would not bow down to detractors who may attempt to sabotage the good work done by GFDC, he called upon all present to remain united against them for the future of the youth and their careers.

Eminent faculty members were invited for the proceedings among them being Dr. Vece Paes, former Olympian with Goan roots, Dr. Ashish Phulkar, Dr. Venkata Ramana,

Dr. Ashok Ahuja , Dr. Sheel Sheth, Dr. Sanjeev Sahni, Dr. Mahendra Kudchadkar and Dr. Deep Bhandare.  The wide ranging topics taken up for discussions were “Talent Identification “Tap them young” by Dr. Phulkar, “Doping an evil in Sports” by Dr. Ahuja, “Role of Nutrition in Sports” by Dr. Ramana, “Management and prevention of Sport injuries” by Dr. Bhandare, “Risk Evaluation of an Athlete” by Dr. Kudchadkar, “Psychological approach to injuries” by Dr. Sahni, “Attaining Peak Performance” by Dr. Sheel Sheth, “Long Term Development of Footballers” by Dr. Vece Paes who stressed on the 10000 hours in 10 years model for highest level of excellence.

The various sessions were chaired by Mr. Brahmanand Shankwalkar, Mr. Bruno Coutinho, Mr. Honorato Velho, Mr. Elvis Gomes, Dr. Rufino MOnteiro , Dr. Bhatikar, Mr. V. M. Prabhudesai and Mrs. Liberata Mascarenhas.

On the occasion 32 different clubs and other institutional participants who had earlier attended the GFDC Basic Life support programme were provided with first aid kit bags.

Earlier Mr. Elvis Gomes, Member Secretary of Goa Football Development Council welcomed the gathering.  Dr. Rufino Monteiro concluded the programme with a vote of thanks to all present on the occasion.

Former President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam inaugurates 3 day International Congress on Rural Health and Medicine at Kala academy in Goa,


The 3 day International Congress on Rural Health and Medicine, which is 18th in the series, will be inaugurated at the auspicious hands of His Excellency ,  in the august presence of Mr. Manohar Parrikar, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Goa at 10.00 am on 10th December 2012 at Dinanath Mangeshkar Kala Mandir, Kala Academy, Goa. Dr. Kalam will also be delivering the Keynote address. Dr. Ashok Vikhe Patil, Chairman and Shri Ramakant Khalap, Co-chairman of the Organizing Committee will be welcoming the delegates on behalf of the organizers, collaborators and knowledge partners of the conference.

Over 500 delegates & 300 speakers representing medical, public health, allied health sciences, academic and research, government, non-government, UN, philanthropic and bi-lateral agencies from over 25 countries – Australia, Austria, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Poland, Republic of Korea, Serbia, South Korea, Sweden, Tunisia, USA are participating in the conference.

The Conference is organized by International Association of Rural Health & Medicine (IARM), Japan, Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences – Deemed University (PIMS-DU), Loni, Maharashtra and International Arbitration Centre (IAC), Goa.  Government of Goa, Goa University and Goa Medical College are local supporters. Knowledge partners & cosponsors of the congress include World Bank, Medical Council of India, Action Aid India, ICMR, Dr. Vikhe Patil Foundation, Mapusa Urban Cooperative Bank Goa Ltd., Appolo Pharmacy, Dreager India Ltd. and Torrent Pharma.

The congress is aimed to address various key challenges & issues of rural health under the main theme “Challenges of Health in the Global Village”, and promote dialogue, partnership among doers & policy makers for improving health of people of rural and remote areas of the world in a unified and holistic way.  The health of the people, where ever they live – developed & developing countries – urban & rural areas, are affected by man made policies, actions and natural disasters. The policies, systems on access to universal health care, gender justice, occupational health of farming community, migration, effects of information technology, bio-technology revolution, environmental & global warming have made the world into one global village. The boundaries of nations have collapsed and the problems of the world have to be addressed in an integrated manner.

At the end of the three day deliberations, the organizers and participants of the conference are expected to come out with a Goa Declaration on “The Rural Health Initiative on Global Village – Call for Action”.



Panaji, December 10, 2012 …..  Speaker of Goa  Legislative Assembly, Shri Rajendra Arlekar has said that the Government proposes to prepare  a scheme for taking up  various developmental projects  under  special component plan  in  Scheduled caste communities  areas for overall development of weaker section  of the society.

Elaborating  on the proposed  scheme  Shri Arlekar said that for this purpose, funds will be made available  from two percent  budgetary  allocation   made by the state and Central Government through  its  Government departments and undertaking agencies under special component plan to undertake various programmes for upliftment of  weaker section.

Shri Arlekar was speaking as the chief guest on the occasion of 56th death anniversary of  the  Architect  of Indian Constitution  Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar at a function organized by All Goa  Dalit  Mahasangha in the city, yesterday.

Speaking further the Speaker paid rich tributes to Dr. Ambedkar  and   stressed on the need  for youth should imbibe in them the principles and teachings of Dr. Ambedkar   and  take  inspiration from  his life, , mission, ideas and qualities and accordingly  channelize   their energies to spread the message and teachings of  Dr.Ambedkar  to  the masses. This he said will help to build up a strong  and modern India.

Speaker presented the scholarships to meritorious  students of SSC,HSSC and graduation for the academic year 2011-12 on the occasion.

Shri Anand Amonkar, Senior Tabla  artist and Shri Narayan Khurjuvenkar , a poet  were  felicitated  at the hands of  Shri. Arlekar.  They were offered shawl and  sriphal.   A Souvenir  entitled “Sawali” brought out by All  Goa  Dalit Mahasangha  was  released by the Speaker on the occasion.

Smt. Nutan Sunil Shirke, Social Worker also spoke on the occasion.

Shri Ashok  Parwar, President of All Goa Dalit Mahasangha welcomed the gathering.  Shri Siddesh Pednekar proposed the vote of thanks.  Shri Khemudas  Parwar  compered the function.

Earlier, the Speaker and other dignitaries offered floral tributes to  Dr. Ambedkar on the occasion.

The function was attended by Shri Rajaram  Kakodkar,  Shri. K. Panchwadkar,  Shri Sakharam Korgaonkar, Rama Pednekar,  Krishna Gaonkar, Tukaram Tamboskar, Babuso  Pednekar, Vishnu Mopkar, Punaji Parsekar,  Krishna Chopdekar and others.

Dated 07.12.2012. Press Release For the day as on 06.12.2012

pertaining to the cases Registered at below mentioned Police Stations / Units are as under.

                        NORTH GOA DISTRICT

PONDA PS:  Shri Narayan S. Naik r/o Darjwada, Kundai complained that on 05.12.12 at 19.05 hrs.  at Manaswada, Kundai, accused person Shrikant s/o Prasad Yadav aged 25 yrs. r/o near   Electricity Dep. Office,  Kundai  driving JCB No.GA-05-B-8472 while proceeding from Kundai to Panaji direction and when reached at Manaswada, Kundai, dashed against Eterno scooter No.GA-07-B-4805  which was proceeding  towards  Panaji  on back side  as a  result  Eterno  scooter fall  towards  right side  of the  road  and dashed  to on coming Splendor M/cycle  No. GA-05-H-1930 due to which  both riders  of above  vehicle  fall on the  road  towards  right  side   and pillion  rider  fall  on the road  as a  result   rear wheel  of JCB ran over  the  head  of pillion  rider who succumbed  to  injuries  and also  both rider  succumbed  injuries  at GMC  Bambolim. JCB driver ran away from the spot. Cr.No.376/12 u/s 279, 304-A IPC and Sec 134 (a) (b) of M.V. Act stands registered. PSI R. Dhamsekar is I. O.

ANJUNA PS: Mrs. Pratima Govekar, Sarpanch of V.P. Anjuna-Caisua r/o Zorwada, Anjuna complained that on 06.12.12 at around 04.30 hrs.  accused Mrs. Sheetal Dabholkar, Ward member  of V.P. Anjuna  entered  in her  office  while she was  discharging  her official  duties and rushed  on her  to assault  and further  started  threatening and  gave bad words. Cr.No.157/12 u/s 353, 504, 506 (ii) IPC stands registered.  HC- K.A. Dhargalkar is I. O.

2)  Mrs.  Sheetal Dabholkar Ward member of V.P. Anjuna, r/o Dhabolwada, Shapora complained that on 06.12.12 at 16.15 hrs.  accused 1) Patric  Savio  Almeida,  Dy. Sarpanch, 2)  Pratima  Govekar  Sarpanch  of village  P. Anjuna   with their common intention  allegedly  wrongfully  restrained  her  and Mrs.  Suhani Govekar  Panch member of  V.P. Anjuna  when they  had gone  to the office  of village  Panchayat  Anjuna to inspect some documents and further  abused the  threatened them with dire consequence. Cr.No.158/12 u/s 341, 504, 506(ii) IP stands registered.  HC D. Pawar is I. O.

PORVORIM PS: On 06.12.12, one Shruti Parab age 21 yrs. at Marna Pilerna was found hanging in her house at Marna Pilerna.  Death of the deceased   occurred within 7 years of marriage. U.D.No.52/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered.  PSI K. Sinari is I. O.

BICHOLIM PS: On 06.12.12, dead body of unidentified male person, aged about 70 yrs. was found in sitting position in highly decomposition stage behind one house at Dhumase Village. Body preserved in GMC Morgue Bambolim for PME. U.D.No.79/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered. PSI Gaurish Parab is I.O.

MAPUSA PS: Mr. Subhash s/o Ladu Ghogle r/o Rukmini Plaza, Peddem, Mapusa complained that between 05.12.12 at 19.30 hrs.  to 06.12.12 at 06.45 hrs. behind Rukmini Plaza, Peddem  Mapusa,  unknown accused  person/s stole all 4 wheels W/rs.60,000/- of her  Maruti Swift  car  No. GA-03-H-9825 parked in an open parking place. Cr.No.309/12 u/s 379 IPC stands registered. ASI R. Gawas is I. O.

2) On 06.12.12, one Micheal Noronhna r/o Moira Mapusa expired while undergoing medical treatment at Manipal Hospital as a case of fall at residence at Moira. Cr.No.78/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered. PSI V. V. Chodankar is I. O.

AGACAIM PS: Smt. Ratnabai Tari r/o Tonca Madkai Ponda complained that on 16.10.12 between 09.30 hrs. to 11.00 hrs. at GMC Bambolim, unknown  lady, age about 20 to 22 yrs. took her  to X-ray ward  with  mollified  intentions, induced her  to remove her mangalsutra two  bangles and ear rings W/rs.1,50,000/- approx,  and took all above ornaments and  disappeared  from the  spot, thereby cheated  her. Cr.No.98/12 u/s 420 IPC stands registered. PI S. Vaigankar is I. O.



VERNA PS: Mr. Jacinto s/o Minguel Colaco r/o Kassambe, Vasco complained that between 02.12.12 at 05.30 hrs.  to 09.00 hrs.  on 04.12.12  at  Birla  Sancoale,  unknown culprits committed  theft of  4 batteries  and  wire  of  batteries  from three trucks which were parked  in an open parking  place thereby  causing  loss  of Rs.70,000/-approx. Cr.No.184/12 u/s 379 IPC stands registered. ASI Bandekar is I.O.

MAINA CURTORIM PS: Shri Vallabh Ramnath Naik, Security field  officer  r/o  Varun Appt. Willson Nagar,  Davorlim  complained that since last 3 months till  date,  accused  person  Mr. Vithal  Ramchandra Patil r/o  Willson  Nagar,  Davorlim negligently  allowed  the  formation and growth  of honey comb on the  parapet of the front portion of his  house,  resulting  in honeybee attacks  on him and other residents of  Wilson nagar  Davorlim  and  also  failed  to take up any  measures  for removal of the said honey comb after  several  request by the  residents, of the following  similar  incident of  honey bee bites  to the  locals  in the  past  thus endangering  the life of people  in the   surrounding  locality. Cr.No.178/12 u/s 337 IPC stands registered. PSI R.D. Desai is I.O.




Panaji, December 7, 2012 …   The Electricity Department, Sub.Div-I (U), Mapusa Bardez, a power shut down has been arranged on December 9, 2012 from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. at 11KV Altinho Feeder.  Areas affected are Khorlim Mosundi, Galaxy Appt., Saraswat Vidhalaya High School, Sai Baba Ektanagar, Samatanagar, Ganganagar, Raj Housing Society, Saldanha Towers, Dattawadi, Mapusa Clinic, Telephone Exchange,Ataria Tower, Kenkre Residency, HDFC Bank, Alto Duler, Mapusa Court, Altinho, Xettiawaddo, Almeida Residency, Quoribina Apts., Priyaga, Alcon Apts, Mapusa Garage, Football Ground, Counto Honda, Agriculture Dept., Angod, Rajwaddo, Gausawaddo, Marwaddo, S.F.X. School, ITI, Bilwan Pedem, Paulo Garage, Pedem, Priti International and surrounding areas.