Panaji::: September15, 2018 … 2 signal Training Center located at Goa is responsible for the conduct of training for the Corps of Signals troops. Taking on this prestigious job 2 Signal Training Centre molds and transforms young boys who join the centre from different part of country as recruits, to a Indian Army soldier (Signalmen). Continuing with the tradition 274 recruits from all regions of India passed out from 3 Military Training Regiment parade ground at Margaon on 15 Sep 2018. 
It was a proud moment for all recruits and their parents, as they successfully complete their training and are now set forth to serve the nation, ready and well trained for front-line duties.
These recruits underwent a rigorous & tough training of 19 weeks, which was conducted by 3 Military Training Regiment under the aegis of 2 Signal Training Centre. During the period of training they were tested for their mental and physical capabilities. 
Brig AK Sharma, Comdt, 2 Signal Training Centre reviewed the parade. Recruit Rohan Lakkhe was awarded the best recruit medal for his outstanding performance during the training and for standing first in over all merit.
The reviewing officer then addressed the crowd and specially congratulated all budding signalmen and their proud parents on successful completion of physical training. He welcomed all recruits to the folds of the Corps of Signals. In his address he told the recruits about the future challenges they are going to face and pumped them up with the josh and jasba to overcome these challenges. He also told about the fact that they are joining the best Army in the would, which is know for its traditions and has proved its mettle whenever and wherever required. 


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