president of All India mahila congress party president demands for a 30 percent women’s reservation in state assembly seats as well as in mp seats


10-04-2013 … All India mahila congress party president anita verma on Wednesday said there was a need for a 30 percent reservation for women’s in the state assembly seats as well as in mp seats which was not difficult when there was a 50 percent reservation for women’s in  zilla panchayat as well as in panchayats seats ..

Speaking to media reporters at the party head office in Panjim mrs verma said it was just a matter of time of when the women’s reservation bill would be introduced on the lok sabha and had asked her mahila congress leaders in every state to meet their opposition leader’s and mp’s to pass the bill without only concentrating on the congress party

Verma commenting over the contract teachers hunger strike said that there was a need from the state bjp led government side to get more post so as to get the teachers adjusted in to government teaching jobs and that there should not be any vindictiveness over the matter from the government side too

Verma also said that the recent rape incident at vasco was a bad incident for a tourism destination like goa where in daughters and women’s were not safe