Press Release For the day as on 30. 01. 2013 Pertaining to the cases Registered



Press Release For the day as on 30. 01. 2013 Pertaining to the cases Registered at below mentioned Police Stations / Units are as under.


PANAJI PS: Victim lady complained that on 30.01.13 at 11.20 hrs. at Patto Panaji, accused  Custodio s/o Circumsiao  Mendes r/o Merceswadi abused her, thereby outraged her modesty, so also  accused  threatened  with dire consequence  to her  and her  boss  Mr.  Aubrey D’Souza. Accused arrested and released on bail. Cr.No.45/13 u/s 354, 506 IPC stands registered.

PONDA PS:  Shri Rupesh s/o Laxmikant Prabhu r/o Borim-Ponda complained that on 28.01.13 at 13.30 hrs. at Borim, accused Vasusha  w/o Ravindranath  Nipanikar  r/o  Shirshire rode his Pleasure scooter  No. GA-05-H-0380 in a rash and negligent  manner,  dashed  to his  son namely  Sushant  Prabhu and  caused  injury  to his right  leg. Accused being arrested. Cr.No.34/13 u/s 279, 338 IPC and134 (a) (b) of M. V. Act registered.

ANJUNA PS:Complaint on behalf of the State that on 30.01.13 at 22.50 hrs. at UV Bar and restaurant  Praisewada,  Anjuna accused  Manjunath  s/o  Ramappa Naik, age 20 yrs.  N/O Gadag at present r/o St.  Anthonywada, Anjuna was found playing loud amplified music without having permission from competent authority beyond 22.00 hrs. Thereby causing annoyance and nuisance to the public. Accused arrested. Cr.No.12/13 u/s 7 and 10 of M.P. of Music and noise Act 1951 stands registered. PSI M Kerkar is I. O.

MAPUSA PS: Mrs.  Margarat Fernandes r/o Sodiem, Siolim complained that on 30.01.13 at around 06.50 hrs.  at Tropa  Church  Sodiem  Accused 1)  Domnic D’Souza,  President  of  World  revival  Ministry, 2)  James  and 3)  Inacio  ( full  names  not known)  with their  common intention  stopped  her  scooter  while she  was going  to church  for  Mass at Tropa  church,  further  abused  her  saying  bad words and came  to assault  and  pushed  her  and  threatened  her with  dire  consequence. Accused being arrested. Cr.No.37/13 u/s 341, 504, 509, 506, 352 r/w 34 IPC registered. PSI P. Phadte is I. O.

2) On 30.01.13, dead body of unknown male person was found lying near SBI Bank Mapusa. Body preserved in GMC Morgue Bambolim for PME and identification. U.D.No.12/13 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered. PSI Prajyot Fadte is I. O.

3) On 30.01.13, dead body of unknown person was found lying in canal at Sirsaim. Body preserved in GMC Morgue Bambolim for PME and Identification. U.D.No.13/13 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered. PSI Prajyot Fadte is I. O.

PORVORIM PS: Joseph s/o Luis Salvador Pereira, age 30 yrs.  r/o Josil Cottage   Hanumantwada, Ecoxim, Bardez  complained that between 13.01.13  at 18.00 hrs.  to 30.01.13 at 08.45 hrs.  at Holy  Cross Chappel  Hanumatwada, Ecoxim, unknown accused person committed  theft of two  antique  idols  of St.  Peter and St. Francis Xavier of height around one foot black and golden color W/rs.1,00,000/- approx.,  by breaking  lock of  side  door of Holy  family  chapel. Cr.No.21/13 u/s 454, 457, 380 IPC stands registered. PSI V. Durbhatkar is I. O.


CURCHOREM PS:Suryakant J.  Shirodkar, Branch manager of Goa Sahakar Bhandar Curchorem r/o Shiroda complained that between 29.01.13 at 19.30 hrs.  to 30.01.13  at 02.30 hrs.  Curchorem  unknown  culprit/s  effected entry into Sahakar  Bhandar  Curchorem  by  bending  the shutter  and committed  theft of  safe  containing  cash,  2 gold coins  of 3 grams, 3 coins silver, all W/rs.1,53,00/- approx.  Cr.No.08/13 u/s 457, 380 IPC stands registered.  ASI Peter Fernandes is I. O.

QUEPEM PS:On 30.01.13, one Hiru s/o Kidu Kolanbe r/o Sirvoi Quepem was brought dead at PHC Kakoda as a case of suicidel at his residence. Body preserved in Hospicio Hospital Morgue. U.D.No.3/13 u/s 174 Cr. P. C.  Stands registered. PSI S. Desai is I. O.