Panaji : October 19, 2016 …. Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, whole heartedly welcomed Business opportunities from Brazil. While Welcoming Brazilian companies to invest in India, Prime Minister expressed the confidence that India can be a valuable partner in this regard.

On concluding day of BRICS Summit 2016,  Prime Minister Shri Modi today marked his press statement after  Bilateral meeting between India and Brazil along with President of Brazil Shri. Michel Temer. During this Event four important MOUs were Exchanged between Govt. of Brazil and India.

Treaties towards cooperation in area of Pharmaceutical products, Agriculture, were exchanged  among both countries.  Prime Minister further said, “I  am honored to welcome President Michel Temer to India. I am delighted that Goa with its common cultural Portuguese heritage is part of his maiden visit to India.

Though separated by geography, Brazil and India are natural partners linked by common values of democracy, rule of law and shared aspirations for development, peace and prosperity. President Temer as a foremost constitutional expert understands and appreciates this well. This visit takes place as both countries mark a decade of our strategic partnership. The world has changed in these ten years. The bilateral relations between India and Brazil have grown for the better.`

Prime Minister said ,  Brazil is among our most important economic partners in Latin America, and expressed his happiness  that India and Brazil have finalized the text of a bilateral investment agreement. It will provide much needed momentum to increased bilateral business and investment linkages. We have taken note of the priority that President Temer attaches to reviving the domestic economic agenda in Brazil,  he reiterated.

Prime Minister Shri. Modi  further in his statement  focused upon Support from Brazil as regard to  facilitating greater market access and investment opportunities for Indian products and companies. And Also  thanked the   President of Brazil Shri.  Michel Temer’s positive consideration. `We have also made progress in opening  new areas of cooperation during this visit in drug regulation, agricultural research and on cyber security issues.

Prime Minister  deeply appreciated  Brazil’s support for India’s actions in combating terrorism. “We agreed that the world must come together to fight this menace without distinction or discrimination. We will continue to work with Brazil as an important partner in early adoption of the Comprehensive Convention Against International Terrorism (CCIT) at the United Nations. We thank Brazil for understanding India’s aspiration for membership of the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group.“ Prime Minister Said.

While President of Brazil Shri. Michel Temer in his address said that Brazil is looking forward to further strengthen the partnership in economical growth and will promote many areas of investment in India. He also mentioned that Brazil is encouraging growth of public Utility services, where by India can be benefitted too. President of Brazil Shri. Temer called his visit to India was very fruitful, as this meeting relaunched Strategical Partnership of the both countries,  he Said.

 While countries Participated In BIMSTEC Summit held last night, unanimously condemned terror attacks and activities which promotes terrorism in the BIMSTEC region. All the leaders of nations repeatedly emphasized upon importance to combat terrorism.  In this Summit bilateral meeting held between Nepal and Bangladesh.  In BIMSTEC Summit, leaders of the nations largely divulged upon economic cooperation in the areas of 14 sectors, like Technologies, exports etc.