Pwd minister sudhin dhavlikar blames erstwhile congress led government for bringing mopa airport in state of goa

Goan Reporter News Services

04/11/2014 …. Pwd minister sudhin dhavlikar has blamed the erstwhile congress led government for the implementation of the mopa airport in to the state of goa stating that the start of mopa airport in the state was done by the congress party

Speaking to goanreporter pwd minister sudhin dhavlikar said that members of the congress party themselves were unaware as what they were talking either on mopa airport or on the tenancy act as when the bill was table on the floor of the house most of the congress mla had kept quite over the issue

Dhavlikar said that if mopa was coming than obviously a six lane highway was the need of the hour and there was no need for anyone to inform the government over it

Meanwhile bicholim mla naresh sawal said that it was a political stunt and there were certain politicians who were trying to put fear in to the minds of goans


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