Villagers of corlim organises protest march against upcoming Mega Projects in Corlim Village jurisdiction


04/11/2014 …. In a way to stop mega housing projects in corlim village, Villagers of corlim on Sunday held a protest march against the upcoming Mega Projects in Corlim Village jurisdiction.

The protest was held in connection with the upcoming mega housing project in Calwaddo, Corlim which is currently under and also against all other large projects completed in the Village jurisdiction.

It may be noted that the concerned housing project was earlier issued a stop order by Town & Country Planning after visit of our Chief Minister due to the villagers agitations in March 2013 but of late seeing the commencement of the project work the villagers sought under RTI the documents from TCP were shocked to know that the concerned TCP department had revoked the Stop Work Order with effect from June 2014 and given a go ahead to start the work again

The protest which started from the Grounds of St. Joao Facundo Church of Corlim made its way through the corlim village shouting slogans against the concerned government departments and village panchayats for allowing mega projects to come up in village area

Speaking on the occasion social activist Baptist Pereira highlighted the need of identifying a buffer zone in each & every village of Goa to keep such housing projects out of this zone by the Government to protect the village ambiance, culture and Goan Identity.

Mr Pereira said that he was surprised to see the way some of the government departments were acting in a different way which tried to benefit the concerned builder in the village

Parish priest of st joao facundo church fr Assis Dourado said that the mushrooming of other building complexes in Corlim village would consume water, generate vast amounts garbage and lead to frequent power shortages. Which could affect all inhabitants in the area.



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