Panaji, September 12, 2016 …. The Directorate of Art and Culture Government of Goa had organized State LevelMatoli Competition  for household individuals during Ganesh Chaturthi Festival.  The objective behind organizing this contest was to preserve and promote the age old tradition of Matoli decoration. Overall 14 households from all over  the state participated in thiscompetition.

The winners of this contest are Shri. Datta S. Naik ( H.No. 1004/1 Guathan Priol) won first prize of Rs.15,000/-. Shri. Shrikant P. Satarkar (Rait, Koparwada Curti Ponda- Goa) has won second prize of Rs.10,000/-. Shri  Shailesh V. Girodkar ( H. No. 293 Velkaswada, Savoi Verem, Ponda- Goa) won third prize of Rs.7,500/-. Whereas the winners of  5 consolation  prizes of Rs.5000/- each are  1st Consolation.- Shri. Ranganath D. Gaonkar, (Gothawada Betoda, Ponda- Goa) 2nd Cons.- Shri. Deepak D. Gaonkar (H.No. 04 Satre, Sattari- Goa). 3rdCons- Shri. Ankush R. Ojerkar ( H. No. 47, Bambhar, Nanoda Sattari- Goa) 4th Cons.- Shri. Tanaji K. Gaude ( H.No. 39, Talule Bandora Ponda Goa) 5th Cons.- Vishant Vasant Gaude(H. No. 311 Kelbaiwada, Kurti Ponda- Goa)

The State level Matoli competition was judged by Shri Dayanand V. Bhagat, Shri. Ashok Naik and Smt. Pournima Kerkar.

The winners will be awarded with certificates and cash prizes at special function to be organized  by the Directorate of Art and Culture with intimation to the winners well in advance.