sant André legislator Vishnu Wagh attacked by a mob at nadoda on Goa’s liberation day

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22-13-2013 … sant André legislator Vishnu Wagh who was attacked by a mob at nadoda  on Goa’s liberation day says nobody should tell him which function to  attend or not to attend,  adding since he is the chairman of a cultural body he was free to attend any cultural function irrespective of who organizes them.

mr Wagh was returning home on Thursday after attending a  kirtan mahotsav organized by Shriram sanskruti kala kendr of covale and mauli boothnath devasthan nadoda.

 Speaking from his hospital bed at Goa medical college and hospital in Bambolim on, sant André legislator it was his prerogative to attend whatever cultural function he chose to attend when Asked whether he was warned not to attend the function by any party men, mr Wagh said.

vishnu said he was not supposed to attend the function but decided to go thee at the lat minute when his relatives called him up.

Mr wagh narrated how he was threatened  by the mob and how the glass windows of his car were smashed.

He said the mob tried to overturn his car while he was sitting inside.

Asked whether was any credence to the rumour that he was joining the nationalist congress party , Mr. Wagh  rubbished the rumour adding it was a cultural function that he attended.

 The chairman of kala academy said he was of the opinion that that any party can organize a meeting in any constituency.

Admitting that he might have put the  party inn an awkward position by attending the function, he said raisi9ng  the issues in the state was his duty as a legislator..