Panaji, February 16, 2018 …   “Technology waits for no one”, said Minister for Revenue, Information Technology and Labour and Employment, Shri Rohan Khaunte, at the launch of the indigenously developed C-DAC PARAM Shavak VR at Panaji recently.

           Speaking further, Shri Khaunte said, “In the last few months, the Government has been creating IT enabled platforms for ease of doing business and has structured its schemes to attract investments to Goa. We are creating a favourble eco system in Goa for investment.”

          Shri Khaunte added further, “Start-ups will be our priority. The start- up scheme which will roll out soon will be one of the best in the country,” Shri Khaunte said adding, that Goa has all the requirements to be on the IT map, “Goa has a high literacy rate, high number of English speaking Goans, everything is there but what is lacking is the right exposure.”

          Shri Khaunte called upon companies to interact with the Government to plan for Goa’s IT future. “Each state is different and we have to plan keeping in mind factors such as the demography of the state, land scarcity and so create a model that is conducive to Goa.”

          Director, NIT Goa, Prof Gopal Mugeraya said, “The scenario of classroom teaching has changed.  It is no longer about coming to the classroom and giving information. In my short time in Goa, we have taught teachers how to teach mathematics, computers and physics to students in a way that will trigger learning in the young minds and this has yielded results,” Prof Mugeraya said adding that they soon plan on having a library which will be a knowledge centre.”

          Earlier, Director General, C-DAC (Center For Development of Advanced Computing), Dr Hemant Darbari, while speaking on the occasion said, “The evolving face of technology has necessitated a fresh relook at our technology policies and investments. The world itself is witnessing a new revolution brought on by technology and it is continuing to change our lives in every way. Today Virtual Reality has become the new paradigm for growth and development all across the world.”