Panaji, March 19, 2018 … The Minister for Health, Shri Vishwajit Rane recently launched a fleet of Cardiac Care Ambulances in Panaji. Present on the occasion were Head of Operations, GVK EMRI 108, Smt. Purti Patkar, Director of Directorate of Health Services, Dr Sanjeev Dalvi, Dean of Goa Medical College, Dr Pradeep Naik, senior doctors among others.

            While speaking on the occasion, Shri Rane said that the Government is endeavouring  strengthen their mission of saving lives. He acknowledged the support of the Goa Chief Minister, Shri Manohar Parrikar in vitalising the medical sector in Goa. 

            Shri Rane said that there was a vacuum in medical service in certain areas of Goa for which the Government was addressing it in a responsible way. Shri. Rane further said that “The Government is endeavouring to increase the scope of 108 ambulances. The Government is also working on innovative models to provide health services to the people of Goa.” 

            The Cardiac Care ambulances are a critical component of the Goa State STEMI programme and are equipped with the state-of-the-art machines to deal with emergencies.

            “This occasion also marks the launch of the STEMI program which will be done in phases,” said Shri Rane, adding that they would train doctors, Medical Officers, etc, to thrombolyse  patients at Centre points such as Primary Health Centres, before they are referred to hospitals. Dr Guruprasad Naik informed that each ambulance has specially trained doctor available round the clock and modern lifesaving equipments.


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