south goa mla’s voice for sunburn-2012 event to be held in south goa


21-dec-2012 …. Having said that a wrong procedure was followed by the event organizers of sun burn Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar on Friday

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said that if proper procedures were not followed by the organizers then no permission would be granted to an event like sunburn though navelim mla and fisheries minister avertano furtado impressed of shifting the sunburn event to south goa ….

Speaking to media reporters tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar said though the single committee was yet too decided over the issue of sun burn event to be held in goa till date no permissions were given to the concerned party though wrong procedures were been followed by the event organizers of promoting the event for which permissions were yet to be given from the state government side ….

 Commenting over the issue of sunburn event to be shifted to south goa Parulekar said that even some of the mla’s from south goa side had also urged him for shifting the event like sunburn to south goa …

 Meanwhile fisheries minister and navelim mla avertano furtado said that shifting the sunburn event was the right idea to have the event in south goa …