south goa mp gets written assurance on dabolim airport, says assurance is that dabolim airport would remain forever


16-feb-2013 … South goa Member of Parliament Francisco sardinha seems to have been able to convince the central government over the dabolim airport issue who has in written got an assurance from the central government stating that the dabolim airport is here even if another airport like mopa comes up in the state …

Speaking to goanreporter after landing from Delhi over the dabolim-mopa airport issue the south goa mp Francisco sardinha said he had in writing from the government of India stating that the airport at dabolim would exist even if two airport would come up in the state of goa and therefore was informing goan people that dabolim was here to stay forever and ever

sardinha said though at present there were only six arrow bridges at the dabolim airport assurance was given to him that the remaining four to five arrow bridges would be constructed at the airport in another few months along with parking facilties …

 Sardinha also said that he was still in favour of mopa airport as he was looking at the state forty to fifty years ahead