St andre BJP mla Vishnu surya wagh expresses his displeasure over central bjp led government removing north goa mp Shripad naik by removing mr naik from important portfolios of tourism and culture

13/11/2014 … St andre BJP mla Vishnu surya wagh has expressed his displeasure over the way the central bjp led government had humiliated the north goa mp Shripad naik by removing mr naik from important portfolios of tourism and culture and replacing him it with the newly-formed Ayush ministry in the modi led central government …
It may be noted that mr naik who was the who was union minister of state with independent charge of tourism and culture ministries, was shifted as minister of state for health and family welfare and minister of state with independent charge for the newly-formed Ayush (ayurveda, yoga and naturopathy, unani, siddha and homeopathy) ministry after the modi led government had carried out its government cabinet expansion on Sunday
Speaking to goanreporter  st andre mla Vishnu surya wagh said “as mr Parrikar was made as the central defence minister in modi cabinet and then important portfolios of tourism and culture was taken from (bhau) mr Shripad naik I say that it is not only me as Vishnu wagh but the whole of goa has felt bad and sad about it and now every goan and specially a voter from north goa has felt that there has been an great injustice done on them by the modi led government by taking away the two important portfolio from mr naik”
Wagh said “if there was any need for a change in the central politics taking mr Parrikar from the state to centre then mr Shripad naik was the right face to lead the state of goa and not a single mla could have any issue with it but since mr naik was in the modi led government at the centre we also felt ok that mr naik has been given two big post’s and  we kept quiet but felt said when we came to know that important portfolios were taken away from a person who had got elected four times from north goa and the same had been given to a one time elected mp Mahesh Sharma which is like an insult to injury …
Reacting to the way the selection process of the new chief minister was done wagh said “i personally was very disturbed over the issue and i did called mr naik during the entire process as weather he was consulted over the issue or not during which bhau informed me saying no that he was not consulted or nor taken in to confidence though till then also it was ok as we could say since mr naik was out of station and therefore he could have not been consulted but it was really surprising to understand as why the two important portfolios were taken from mr naik for no reason”
Wagh stated “though I would work under the leadership of the new chief minister laxmikhant Parsekar and had no issue with him but I did felt very sad the way over the selection of the new chief minister was kept as a top secrecy and more over sad was that the main bjp leaders did not taught of consulting one of the senior most leader of the party and central minister mr shipad naik while the selection of the chief minister was done keeping him out of the whole process”
 On asked if there was as need ofr mr naik to come in to local politicas and contest from the panjim constituency since it would be vacant now mr wagh said “ see it has been a long pending demand that nr naik should come in to local politics but due to certain political issue everyone is aware how mr naik was kept aside from local politics but now I feel that mr naik has to come in local politics since he has more experience of bringing up a party that anyone in the state which he did for the bjp party being a bahujan face getting goan voters closer towards the bjp party


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