st andre mla vishnu Wagh to submit letter to chief minister laxmikhant parsekar demanding for the scrapping of Goa Agricultural Tenancy (Amendment) Bill 2014

12/11/14 … After the state opposition party had demanded for the scrapping of the the crucial Goa Agricultural Tenancy (Amendment) Bill 2014 which was recently passed by the state government now the former chairman of kala academy and BJP mla from st andre constituency Vishnu surya wagh has raised his objection over the same stating that the bill was not in the interest of mundkarial and tenants of the state
It may be noted that the state congress party has recently demanded from the state government to immediately withdraw the agricultural tenancy act and had asked it to be cancelled as soon as possible stating that the concerned bill was defeating the very objective of land reforms and had raised fears of loss of agricultural land.
Speaking to goanreporter in his office at Bambolim st andre mla Vishnu surya wagh said that “I am against the tenancy bill act passed recently by the state government as the bill was hastily passed and not been properly debated and recently also one could see that there has been no procedure followed to have debates on bills in the state legislative assembly as a certain bill is suddenly laid and is asked to be passed but bills are not passed in a such a way as earlier there used to be debates on bills”
 Wagh said “ let the present chief minister distribute his port folios as the first letter to mr parsekar would be from my side on Monday demanding for the scrapping of the act as i still have my opinion that the bill has to be sent to the select committee and then there  has to be a debate on the concerned bill first as the issue of tenancy act is related with the whole of goa due to which bahujan samaj is not happy and if it goes on like this then it would take much time to create too many problems out it”