st andre mla vishnu surya wagh terms blockage of nh17a as illegal, says five to ten people cant decide as what is good for st andre constituency


16/10/2015 … Stating that he had not supported the leaders who had blocked the nh17 for want of a by-pass in siridao village St andre mla Vishnu surya wagh has said that five to ten leaders could not decided as what was good for the st andre constituency demanding for a bypass and opposing a flyover proposed by the state government

Addressing media persons in panjim the st andre mla vihnu surya wagh said that since the issue was of development and of the national highway nh17 and whatever the central government was finalizing was more important than what others had to say

Mr wagh said that if still some people were not able to understand what the state government was thinking to do then he as an mla of st andre constituency was fit enough to convince his voters as what was good and bad for the development of st andre constituency