st andre mla Vishnu surya wagh to launch public movement opposing marina in bambolim village


23/04/2015 … After the local villagers from Bambolim had opposed the setting up of a marina at nauxi Bambolim st andre mla Vishnu surya wagh has now also joined the movement of opposing the marina stating that the concerned activity would severely affect traditional fishing activities in Zuari bay leading to ecological problems and has even taught of launching a public movement along with minister for forest alina saldanha.

It may be noted that the local villagers had recently alleged that the marina project was like a declaration of war against indigenous people and a threat to food security due to which mr wagh has now decided to join the villagers and also create an awareness among st andre constituency in opposing the marina coming up in bamboilm village ….

Speaking to goanreporter st andre mla vishun surya wagh said that it was shocking to know that the mpt chairman had gone on record saying that mpt wants to develop marinas in coastal belts of Bambolim along with sancoale too when the land was belong to the state government and since all the land was eaten up by the five star hotels it was difficult to understand as what would the local fisherman community do if a marina was set up in Bambolim village which would also put a lot of effect on bio-diversity

Wagh said that he had raised the issue in his party meet and had raised his apprehensions and fears on which cm had informed him that the proposals were only cleared in principle but the agencies had been told to get clearances from the concerned government agencies

Wagh also stated that he would create public awareness over the marina issue in his constituency and would also meet social functionaries and non government organizations also and asked for their support against the agitation on this marinas and he along with the minister for forest alina saldanha could come together to launch a public movement on it …