st andre mla vishnu surya wagh to start office on wheels for st andre constituency voter’s


23/06/2014 …. While the state government has state run mobile vans for first aid to its patients or mobile courts for speedy cases now for the first time in to the state of goa and goan politics a member of the legislative assembly and st andre mla visnhu surya wagh has taught of starting a mobile van services for its constituency voters which would adhere to its voters problems on day to day basis calling it as office on wheels …

This mobile service system which would be started within the next fifteen days time would the first type of an initiative that would be started by a goan mla for its voters in the last so many years …

The mobile van services consists of seating arrangement for the mla along with two to three voters at one time inside the bus service which has been re-modified in to a seating arrangement along with a table and toilet facilities and go to village to village of the constituency and halt for a day in each village

Speaking to goanreporter st andre mla Vishnu surya wagh said though even he had an office for his voters at Bambolim he felt that there was a need for him to meet his voters at their door step and starting a mobile office was the right way to do so …

Wagh also stated that for the last three months he was not able to meet his voters due to some health problems during when it came to his mind to start up this unique concept of mobile office


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