St cruz mla babush monsoratte comes in support of legalizing bullfights in the state of goa


03-06-2013 …Social Media Marketing Agency in Goa Stating that bullfight was a tradition of the Goan farmers which needs to be revived, St cruz mla babush monsoratte on Tuesday came in support of legalizing bullfights in to the state of goa and emphasized on the need from the state government side of coming out with a special legislation to support it …

It may be noted that recently the issue of legalizing bull fights has been openly supported by st Andre MLA Vishnu Surya Wagh along with the other support from other ruling, opposition and independent mla’s from the state. 

 Even a meeting was recently organized by former All Goa Bull Owners Association president Simon Caiado at Goa Velha on last Saturday, which was attended by hundreds of bullfight lovers from across villages of Taleigao, Goa Velha, Agassaim, Merces, Arambol, Colva, Guirim, Anjuna and Curtorim attended the meeting

 Wagh had questioned as why bullfights could not be resumed in Goa if an undertaking was given to the apex court on the safety of the animals and had also suggested that stadiums could be built for bullfights and that horns could be capped with rubber to ensure safety of the animals.

 Speaking to goanreporter st cruz mla babush monsoratte said that bull fights has been a tradition in goa for a long time and since voice have been coming up ofr legalisng bull fights he was with the majority of those who wanted to legalized it

 Monsoratte said even unnecessary people were being harassed due to bull fights while police officials were earning on it even when police officials knew that presently bull fights were illegal

Meanwhile chief minister manohar parrikar commenting over the issue said he would looki in to the matter taking in to the legal aspects of the law