State BJP led Government to Start verifying Mining Documents from Tuesday


17th dec-2012 … Giving a ray of hope to the mining affected people Chief minister Manohar Parrikar on Monday said that the state government would initiate the process of scrutiny of mining  documents from Tuesday trying to complete it with in a months or one and half months time ….

Addressing media press conference chief minister Manohar parrikar said that that his government was eager to start legal mining activities in the state of goa as there were around 25,000 -30,000 people involved with mining activities and as a chief minister of the state his government was accountable for it …

Parrikar who is about to attend a meet of the national development council on 27th of this  next month in new delhi said that he would raise up the mining enviournment clearances issues during the meeting and would also urge the prime minister of India dr manmohan singh to clear the state mining issue as soon as possible

Parrikar said that the cec report submitted to the Supreme Court had not give the correct facts where in the report had not mentioned about the action of stopping of transportation was done by the state government …

 Parrikar stated that the state government was in the process of coming out with certain schemes for the mining affected people which would be finalized within the first or second week of January

 Parrikar also commented on the agitation called on the goa mining people’s front on Tuesday