state congress party expelles st cruz mla babush monsoratte from congress party for six years

Goan Reporter News Services

11/03/2014 …. Citing anti party activates the state congress party has expelled the former education minister and st cruz mla babush monsoratte from the congress party for the next six years …

The decision was taken after the congress president Sonia Gandhi had agreed to the proposal and resolution of the executiv4e committee of goa Pradesh congress committee for taking stern action against all the party leaders who have worked against the party and are committing acts of discipline accordingly congress president Gandhi considering the conduct and acts of indiscipline of st cruz constituency mla shri atansio monsoraate has decided to expel mr monosoratte for a term of six years

Meanwhile speaking to goanreporter over the issue st cruz mla babush monsoratte said that he had been expecting the decision for a long time from the congress party though he had not received any imitation over the same till date

Monsoratte stated that he was happy and relieved from the party which was ruined by certain vested interest party leaders

Monsoratte also stated that being expelled from the congress party had given him more opportunity to approach the ruling government and get his work done


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