state congress party questions decision of state government to install water meters for existing well in the state


14/03/2014 ….  Is the state bjp led government so poor that it has started to beg by trying to install meters for well in the state the state congress party has question over the decision of the government to install water meters for existing well in the state

It may be noted that the state bjp led government on Friday had decided to maintain records of all existing wells and new ones will have to be mandatorily registered. Tankers and other carriers engaged in the transportation of the ground water have also been brought under the policy as they will not be allowed to ply without passes given by concerned government department.

The policy, which will be adopted in compliance with the High Court directives in 2013, will also be tabled in the Goa legislative assembly after approval of the council of ministers.

Addressing media person’s spokesperson of the state congress party sunil khauntankar said that it was ok if the state government had install the meters for wells which used water for industrial purpose but was totally wrong in doing the same for the well which was used for domestic purpose in the state

Khauntankar said that presently the state government was unable to control the increase of prices in commodities and now with more tax through the installation of meters for well would surely put more burden on goans in the state of goa …


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