Panaji:  January 21, 2019 … All should support public projects which will benefit people said PWD Minister Shri Sudin Dhavlikar and added criticism in the positive sense is always welcomed but not negative.

Shri Dhavlikar was speaking after laying the foundation stone for improvement of Ring Road including construction of footpaths from Rajagiri Hospital to Davorlim Junction in Margao Constituency. The estimated cost for the project is Rs.5 crores 4 lakhs.

Speaking further, he said Government undertakes a detailed study before planning any projects. Western Bypass will solve the traffic problems of Margao city  and requires the support of everyone he said. There should be proper sewerage system in every city which are developing rapidly. Work of many water supply project have been taken up in the State. It is the duty of every citizen to support every development work, he pointed.

Further speaking Shri Dhavlikar said Chief Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar even with his health issues guides and supports every project. All round development is going on in the State without any differences. He said JAICA project has solved drinking water scarcity problem to a large extent and Government is working to provide 24×7 water supply.

Traffic laws are enforced only for the safety of the public and not to harass them. Government have to act seriously on certain aspects he said.

MLA, Shri Digambar Kamat thanked PWD Minister for all his support for any projects of Margao Constituency. Ring Road was the old pending demand of madgaonkars he said. There is also a plan of flyover at Rawonfond and Davorlim junction he said.

43 people were handed over permits of yellow black taxi by Directorate of Transport through Office of the Assistant Director of Transport. This taxi operators were from near fire station stand, Malbhat.

Chairperson, Margao Municipal Council, Dr Babita Angle Prabhudessai; Director, Directorate of Transport, Shri Nikhil Dessai; Chief Engineer, PWD, Shri Verekar, councillors and others were present on the occasion.


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