sygenta holds garbage awarness drive in corlim


9-march -2013 … With a view to tackle garbage management issues in to the village jurisdiction of corlim the members of the village Panchayat of corlim on Friday held its first garbage awareness meet inside the pda colony of corlim village …

Hundreds of locals participated in the awareness meet which was organized by the corlim village panchayat members with the support of a sygenta limited company situated in corlim village through its ngo margdarshak with the help of (VRecycle) a private waste management services who have taken the initiative to start this pilot project in the village

It may be noted that the project which is just in its initial stages would help in tackling the issues of present waste management situation of the village of corlim where in the management of waste generated in and around corlim villages specially the dry waste would be collected twice in a week by the labourers of v-recycle and then the same would be sorted out at a sorting station situated in corlim industrial estate

The over all aim of the project is to have a plastic free and clean village that uses sustainable model that has cent collection compliance with an environment friendly treatment and disposal system

Addressing locals over the issue of waste management Clinton vaz of v-recycle informed as how to segregate dry and wet waste which would help his labourer to work in a good way

Sygenta’s Project manager for solid waste management for corlim village Andrew dsouza and panch member of corlim village Panchayat victor Pereira also spoke on the occasion