taleigao village panchayat to constitute a committee over apprehrensions over the set up of it habitat at donapaula in taleigao village


29/04/2014 … The newly elected village panchayat of taleigao village would constitute a committee which would include locals from dona paula area from taleigao village who had apprehensions over the set up of it habitat at donapaula in taleigao village …

It may be noted that the state Government has recently cleared the re-allotment of the over 31,000 sq mt land at the Rajiv Gandhi IT Habitat at Dona Paula.

The project, which had been ridden with controversies since its inception, was stalled in December 2007 due to violent protests by the locals led by local MLA Atanasio Monserrate and later abandoned in the middle of infrastructure development.

The Rajiv Gandhi IT Habitat has been established over an area of approximately 90 acres, which is strategically located at Dona Paula on the outskirts of the city.

The present Government had cancelled all the land allotments after coming to power in March 2012 State Assembly elections.

Speaking to media reporters st cruz mla babush monsoratte said that though he has been not taken in to confidence by the present bjp led government over the it habitat issue he was clear on the it habitat that he would not allow any commercial activities other than it industries at dona paula in his taleigao village

The 90-acre Rajiv Gandhi IT Habitat, established at Dona Paula, was sub-divided into 18 plots ranging from 4,000 to 40,000 sq. mt.

Four sub-divided plots were also kept for supporting facilities. Out of the 18 plots, 16 were allotted along with the 4 sub-divided plots that were meant for infrastructure projects from 2006 and 2007.

However, after allegations of scams and allegations of several financial defaults, violations of the Terms and Conditions of the Lease Deed by the allottees, the allotments were cancelled.

Babush also stated that the committee which would be set up through the process of gram Sabha would also scrutinize the sale of plots in the it habitat