Goa Tourism allocated Rs. 99.99 crore for Coastal Circuit development under the Swadesh Darshan Scheme


02/04/2016 ….   Goa Tourism’s coastal circuit proposal for Rs. 99.99 crore. under the Swadesh Darshan  Scheme has been approved by the  Central government, Ministry of Tourism and  funds will be allocated under various components for development projects to be undertaken in the first  phase along the  coastal belt of the state.

The Rs 99.99 crore Central Financial Assistance (CFA) is a record highest allocation received  by Goa Tourism since  2010 when it received  an amount of Rs 40 crore then.

The coastal circuit projects in the talukas of Bardez and Pernem, in addition to coastal areas across the state will be covered under the first phase of funding.

Goa was the first among the seven States to be considered for funding under the Swadesh Darshan Scheme by the Central Sanctioning and Monitoring Committee under the Swadesh Darshan Scheme at a meeting held recently in New Delhi on 18 March 2016.

Some of the projects   proposed in Bardez under the coastal circuit  development  plan  include improvement  of  infrastructure facilities like parking, illumination  and providing  handicap friendly access from the parking lot to the beach  at Calangute, beautification of  the Calangute market circle and  taxi stand, construction of  a parking lot near the annex  building  for buses and two- wheelers  near Calangute Residency, illumination of the  stretch from Calangute  to Baga, construction of  parking lot near the beach, a garden on Department  of Tourism land at Candolim and development of  tourism  property at Anjuna.

In Pernem, the projects include providing handicap friendly access and illumination across the creek at Junaswada beach and Mandren beach at Pernem, development of MorjimKhind and development of Ashwem beach.

The project components  also include providing  infrastructure  at various  coastal areas in the state like tourist information centers  at  Calangute,  Baga, Anjuna, Morjim and Ashwem, public amenities  at  10 beaches (37 blocks), providing CCTVs and wi-fi,  safety and security measures and  providing  tourism signages.

Another major component includes development of Aguada Fort and Jail as a major touristic destination. It will include up-gradation and Jail, parking, ticketing and bus facilities at Aguada Fort, illumination, seating arrangements, café and a lot more.

While Goa’s typologies covers  several facets such as Spiritual, Coastal, Eco-Tourism, Heritage, Backwater, Wellness as well as Tribal Tourism, it was felt that Coastal Tourism and Spiritual Tourism are the most pre-dominant sectors needing more attention in terms of basic infrastructure and creation of a clear circuit. Core requirements such as basic infrastructure around the coastal and spiritual areas, public amenities and innovative components were accordingly identified and projects accordingly categorized under themes to approach the coastal and spiritual circuits in a holistic manner.  While funds have been sanctioned under the coastal circuit, the proposal for funds under the spiritual circuit will be forwarded next to the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India.

Once executed, the projects will enhance the future prospects of turning the coastal and spiritual circuits into a world class destination for both domestic and international tourists.

Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Mr. Dilip Parulekar said, “Goa has procured funds under the Swadesh Darshan Scheme to the tune of Rs. 99.99 crore for the development of coastal circuits.  This is only the first phase and we are eyeing more funds in months to come. This will give a big boost to our plans of improving tourism infrastructure under the coastal and spiritual circuits.

The Swadesh Darshan scheme is envisaged under the Central Financial Assistance (CFA) of the Ministry of Tourism with the aim to fund projects that fall under the gamut of touristic potential due to its history, heritage, cultural importance as well as innovation.  We are extremely thankful to the  Hon’ble Union Minister  of State for Tourism, Dr. Mahesh Sharma and his team  of  officials,  as well as  Hon’ble Union Minister for  Defence,  Mr. Manohar  Parrikar  for  ensuring that Goa is  considered  for   CFA  under the Swadesh  Darshan Scheme

hope to tap as much as we can under this scheme. We plan to tap  as  much as  we can  in the  months to  come which will give a  big  boost to  tourism infrastructure in the State.

I also  have to acknowledge  and  appreciate  the  hard work  put in  by the officials  of Goa Tourism Development  Corporation and  the  SPV Cell whose year – long efforts  have  finally borne  fruits  of the highest CFA  funding ever received  by Goa for tourism.”

Hon’ble Chairman of Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC),Mr. Nilesh Cabral said, “After disappointment faced in the Smart City  project, we are elated with the  success  achieved  by GTDC in obtaining  CFA under the Swadesh Darshan  Scheme.  This is due to the  tireless efforts  of  the  officials  and engineers  of the  GTDC  and SPV  of the  Corporation. Proposals  for additional  funding  to the tune  of  Rs 100 crore each will be submitted  under  river circuits,  spiritual  circuits and heritage and  tribal circuits.

Goa Tourism through its consultant Darashaw has prepared project components aimed at improving the public realm surrounding all important touristic destinations. The components have been designed to create additional infrastructure to enhance the future

potential for growth of the areas under the circuit. This in turn will attract footfalls, create job opportunities and create a sense of pride and ownership for the people as well as put the place on the national and international map as an attractive place for people to congregate and enjoy the culture and diversity of Goa.”

Darashaw & Company Pvt. Ltd., lead consultant Mr. Aalap Bansal informed us that this development proposal, submission and approval has been achieved in record time. “The Ministry approved it speedily, as the proposal creates infrastructure provisions in the state, and aligns with the Swadesh Darshan scheme’s vision, objective and mission. The second phase of the Detailed Project Report has been submitted and is under review by the Ministry. The third phase of the report will be finalized and submitted in the coming months. This is exciting and we’re looking forward to experience the results of all the innovative conceptualization and ideation.”



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