Panaji: August 24, 2015 …. Minister for Agriculture, Shri Ramesh Tawadkar stressed the need to get the youth into agriculture by making them aware of latest technology, innovations and mechanized ways of agriculture.  Farmers, especially the youths, he said need to be given the support and confidence that farming is profitable and one will definitely see the difference.

Agriculture Minister was speaking at the inaugural function of LAC cultivation as a pilot project at Don Bosco Farms, Sulcornem today organized by the Directorate of Agriculture in association with Kadamba Foundation and Ritumbura Environmental Society.  

 Shri Tawadkar further said that there is no alternative to agriculture asserting further that mechanism in agricultural sector need to reach to the marginal farmers which is the need of the hour to reap in the benefits of technological advancements.

 The Minister complimented the youth of newly opened Agricultural college of Don Bosco for having decided to put into their hands into in farming and setting an example to others to join suit.

 LAC, a natural resin of insect origin and can be cultivated on kusum, borum, semialata trees through seeds by nursery raised seedings. The recently developed crop protection technology adds new dimension for ensured lac crop.  The judicious use of this tree for lac cultivation provide additional source for livelihood.

 The Ritumbura Society has not only assured to provide the requisite know how to cultivate but even to market the product.  This will help lac growers to get ensured production with qualitative output.

 Shri Anant Kumar Hegde, Member of Parliament, Kanara District, Karnataka, Shri Subhash Phal Dessai, MLA also spoke on the occasion.

 Dr. A.K. Jaiswal, Director, ICAR gave a brief detail of the all activities of LAC cultivation.

 Earlier, Shri Ramesh Tawdkar, Shri Anant Kumar Hegde, Fr. Chris Gama and others planted the Flemingia Semialata trees in one gumta of land to cultivate lac at the Don Boasco Farms.  Two magazines on lac cultivation by Dr. A.K. Jaiswal were also released on the occasion.

 Shri Orlando Rodrigues, Director of Agriculture welcomed while Fr. Bernardino da Almeida, Rector; Don Bosco proposed the vote of thanks.


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